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A sheath applicator assembly includes a tubular applicator casing, and a netting liner casing located in the applicator casing and secured to a closed end of the casing. A penile sheath is located inside the liner casing. The open end region of the casing is folded back over the casing, and the open ...

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The present invention discloses an assay for nucleic acid which comprises the steps of;

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The desired program information are read by an optical bar code reading section from a program medium containing program information for automatic broadcast program recording, such as, channels, dates, start times and end times in bar code form. After the program information thus read have been temp ...

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A doll cooperates with a remote signal source which provides a narration with which the doll interacts, and it has a vocabulary stored in digital data in a memory which may be accessed to cause a speech synthesizer in the doll to simulate speech. The doll has a radio frequency receiver which receive ...

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An optical fiber organizer and splicing arrangement permits storage of variable lengths of surplus fiber. The organizer has a pair of separated cylinders extending from a first rectangular section of a base plate and a splice tray having opposite entrance sides for optical fiber in a second rectangu ...

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A peripheral control processor for controlling data communication between a host processor and a peripheral unit in response to command signals applied to the host processor. The peripheral control processor has an idle time or a standby condition when data communication is not required. When the pe ...

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A data communications system employing sliding window protocol where the size of the window of the sending or receiving station can be made selectable by the user according to the speed, length or error rate of the communication link or the frame size used to maximize the utilization of the communic ...

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A method and apparatus for modifying the curvature of a live cornea via use of an excimer laser. The live cornea has a thin layer removed therefrom leaving an exposed internal surface thereon. Then, either the surface or thin layer is exposed to the laser beam along a predetermined pattern to ablate ...

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Image data having a predetermined pixel density, and output from a personal computer, is supplied to an image-resolution conversion apparatus connected to a printer having a pixel density different from the above predetermined pixel density. In the image resolution conversion apparatus, the pixel de ...

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A method for producing a label stopping area on a semirigid or flexible package having a package portion with an opening and a label flap which covers the opening. The label stopping area is such that the label flap can be lifted away from the package opening but not completely removed from the pack ...