Toothbrush device with anatomical profile. Hababou Jacques, June 16, 1989: FR2624360-A1 (23 worldwide citation)

The invention relates to a device permitting removal of dental plaque as far as the third molars and under prosthetic bridges. It consists of a handle 1, whose rounded-profile head 2 supports a combination of tufts implanted obliquely towards the end opposite the handle 3 and implanted perpendicular ...

Leuschner Udo, Zinsberger Alfons: Espresso coffee machine including a centrifugal filter and a steam generator. Bosch Siemens Hausgeraete, June 16, 1989: FR2624364-A1 (22 worldwide citation)

Espresso coffee machine comprising a centrifugal filter 22 which receives water coming from a hot-water container 8, open at its top, which is part of an electric water heater 7 arranged underneath. The water heater 7 has a steam-production chamber 62, which is closed except for inlet and outlet pip ...

Bright Jack, Maury Georges: Method and device for cooling electrical panels. Spie Batignolles, June 16, 1989: FR2624684-A1 (17 worldwide citation)

The method and the device enable power-supply and control panels of electrical installations to be cooled hydraulically by circulation of a liquid coolant in circuits 5, 6 integrated into the plug-in units of the panel. These circuits 5, 6 can be connected to the cold-fluid inlet and hot-fluid outle ...

Preti Jean Claude, Leger Richard: Bidirectional radio link system. Sfim, June 16, 1989: FR2624677-A1 (17 worldwide citation)

The system includes a first and a second transmitter/receiver means 1, 2, the first transmitter/receiver means comprising transmission means 11 for a continuous electromagnetic wave and means 12 for amplitude modulation of this wave. It also includes means 13 for monitoring and controlling the ampli ...

Adelasio Ferdinando: Ignition coil particularly for racing engines. Magneti Marelli, June 16, 1989: FR2624559-A3 (14 worldwide citation)

The ignition coil includes a hollow metal body 18 fixed inside a casing 16 close to the edge 12a and electrically connected to one of the ends 24a of the secondary coil 24. A metal slider 36 is mounted so as to slide axially inside the hollow body 18 between an extension position and a retraction po ...

Process for manufacturing insulating frames with bonded double glazing. Moinel Philippe, June 16, 1989: FR2624545-A1 (11 worldwide citation)

The present invention relates to the manufacture of windows with bonded double glazing. Two sheets of glass 1 and 2 are bonded at their edges into the rebates 3 and 4 of an item of joinery. The air space is ventilated or unventilated.

Suzuki Shigehiko: Tyre with composite side walls. Sumitomo Rubber, June 16, 1989: FR2624442-A1 (10 worldwide citation)

A tyre which has two side walls 3, each comprising a radially outer side wall 3A made up of a rubber composition which has excellent impact absorption properties and a radially internal side wall 3B made up of a hard rubber composition, permitting an increase in the side stiffness of the tyre. In th ...

Leutwyler Fritz: Preparation, notamment cosmetique antisolaire, et procede pour faire passer une substance active dans la peau. Induchem, June 16, 1989: FR2624374-A1 (10 worldwide citation)

Pour faire passer des substances actives destinés à exercer une influence sur le bronzage de la peau dans la région de l'épiderme, dans laquelle se trouvent les cellules à pigments, on propose une préparation, dans laquelle la substance active est contenue, au moins en partie, dans des liposomes en ...

Ogawa Kunihiko, Noguchi Yoshio: Composant dattache. Kuraray, June 16, 1989: FR2624565-A1 (8 worldwide citation)

L'invention décrit un composant d'attache qui est muni d'éléments d'interconnexion en forme de crochets 2 sur le côté avant d'un substrat et d'un organe d'ancrage 5 sur le côté arrière, le composant d'attache étant muni d'au moins une portion plate 3 ne comprenant pas d'éléments d'interconnexion sur ...

Device for indoor training in sailboarding (windsurfing). Baril Jean Pierre, June 16, 1989: FR2624385-A1 (8 worldwide citation)

The invention relates to a device for training in "sailboarding" (windsurfing). This device includes a plate 2 mounted rotationally on a base 1, it being possible for the rotation to be braked, the said plate being capable of pivoting about its longitudinal axis in order to simulate a roll movement, ...