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A urine-collecting device comprising a urine-collecting bag having an opening for inserting a penis therethrough, the opening being made on one side surface of the bag and a sheet-like flange formed integrally with the bag at a periphery of the opening; and a film for preventing a back flow of urine ...

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A methodology for retrieving textual data objects is disclosed. The information is treated in the statistical domain by presuming that there is an underlying, latent semantic structure in the usage of words in the data objects. Estimates to this latent structure are utilized to represent and retriev ...

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A three-dimensional spatial input apparatus including a series of coplanar, single axis accelerometers configured to provide information on translation along and rotation around a set of orthogonal axes. A preprocessing computer determines the acceleration values output by the accelerometers and con ...

Takashi Hagiwara: Multiline slot machine. Sigma Enterprises Incorporated, Koda and Androlia, June 13, 1989: US04838552 (363 worldwide citation)

A more sophisticated version of the known "crisscross" type of slot machine is disclosed. A screen has a plurality of display zones, usually notional, arrayed in rows and columns. A row of symbols are made to sequentially appear and randomly stop on each of the display zones, either electronically, ...

Arnold St J Lee: Home medical surveillance system. Spensley Horn Jubas & Lubitz, June 13, 1989: US04838275 (343 worldwide citation)

Many subscriber patients are served by this system. In each patient's home is an apparatus that includes special furniture on which the patient lies and sits, and embedded in which are devices that automatically sense multiple parameters related to the patient's health. The patient cooperates only p ...

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An expert system which provides one or more suggested treatments for a patient with physical trauma is disclosed. The system includes a computing device having a memory, a plurality of data bases in the memory, an application program and an inference engine program. The data bases include graphical ...

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A medication infusion device comprises a retainer for holding a medication-containing receptacle of the type which is actuatable to expel the contents of medication therefrom. A sensor is included for sensing a characteristic related to the amount of medication within the receptacle. A timing device ...

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Crystals are energized to vibrate at an ultrasonic frequency. The crystals are coupled to an insert having a body portion coaxial with the crystals so as to vibrate the insert at the ultrasonic frequency. At least one sharp cutting edge extends from one end of the body portion of the insert. The thi ...

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A conformal organic layer is used to define spacers on the sidewalls of an organic mandrel. The organic layer (e.g., parylene) can be deposited at low temperatures, and as such is compatible with temperature-sensitive mandrel materials that reflow at high deposition temperatures. The conformal organ ...

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A mesh or fabric, having zero to variable stretch, is made from absorbable or partially absorbable fibers. The mesh or fabric can be either knitted or woven. The fabric is useful in surgical repair.