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Gauge blocks or plugs and permanent implant plugs are provided for surgical procedures to support and fuse together adjacent vertebrae in a vertebral column. The plugs are rectangular with tapered front ends and tool receiving rear ends. The gauge blocks are smooth faced for removal but the implant ...

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An absorbent article wherein the deposition region of its absorbent member comprises a storage zone and an acquistion zone having a lower average density and a lower average basis weight per unit area than the storage zone. The acquisition zone is positioned toward the front of either the absorbent ...

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A patient identification system for relating items with patients and ensuring that an identified item corresponds to an identified patient. The patient identification system includes a computer system (42) interconnected to a plurality of remote terminals (62) by conventional telephone wiring (66, 7 ...

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A novel prosthesis for use in repairing or replacing soft tissue is disclosed, which comprises a triaxially-braided fabric element having interwoven first, second and third sets of fibers, with the fibers of the second and third sets being oriented at substantially the same acute braiding angle with ...

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A modem which may operate as a transmitter or receiver, is provided for use on a line carrying an A.C. signal. The modem comprises a pseudorandom code generator which produces a pseudorandom code signal of a frequency an integral multiple of the A.C. signal frequency. Synchronization means synchroni ...

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A snap-n-seal connector for coaxial cables includes a connector body, an annular compression sleeve and optionally, a sealing nut. The connector body includes an annular collar member which peripherally engages the jacket of a coaxial cable, a post member coaxially disposed within the annular collar ...

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A septum is provided for use with implantable ports used for repeated drug delivery infusions. The septum allows for a substantially higher (more than twice) number of punctures prior to leakage and failure. This is achieved by the use of two different Shore A durometer hardnesses for different sect ...

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A solid, controlled release, pharmaceutical composition comprising an active ingredient incorporated in a matrix comprising a first substance selected from a water soluble polydextrose and a water soluble cyclodextrin and a second substance selected from a C.sub.12 -C.sub.36 fatty alcohol and a poly ...

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An electronic circuit board electrically connected to other circuits of a data processing system by means of a bus, may be removed and re-inserted in the system without the necessity of disabling other circuits connected to the bus. A latch actuated switch provides a control signal in anticipation o ...

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The present invention relates to a chemical compound which consists of an oligonucleotide or an oligodeoxynucleotide consisting of a natural or modified chain of nucleotides (sic) to which an intercalating group is fixed via a covalent bond.