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A cylindrical shaped stent to prevent arterial acute closure and subsequent restenosis formed of longitudinal wires of biocompatible metal. The wires are welded together in pairs at alternate ends with each pair of wires bent into a V-section. The wires are all formed into a cylinder welded closed t ...

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A fully computerized insurance system is provided for processing and preparing applications for insurance and premium quotations and for preparing and writing insurance contracts. A central processor, including a data bank into which data is written and from which data is read, this data including i ...

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An implantable cardiac stimulator integrates the functions of bradycardia and anti-tachycardia pacing-type therapies, and cardioversion and defibrillation shock-type therapies. The stimulator is programmable to provide a multiplicity of hierarchical detection algorithms and therapeutic modalities to ...

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Electrochemical detection of mediator level is employed in a method of assay using a redox enzyme and redox substrate to detect conversion to an effective mediator by an assay enzyme label of a compound which is non-mediating under the assay conditions.

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A method for treatment of sleep-apnea syndrome in a patient is disclosed as including mointoring inspiratory effort and generating electrical signals in response to the step of monitoring in order to stimulate those nerves which activate the patient's upper airway muscles to contract in order to mai ...

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A sensor for trans-illumination of a blood perfused portion of flesh to measure light extinction during trans-illumination is disclosed. The sensor is preferably mounted on a fingertip but any digit or blood perfused portion of flesh will work. The sensor includes a first end for disposition on one ...

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An implantable hydraulic penile erectile device comprises a pair of occlusive cuffs (32 and 34) which are surgically implanted and wrapped around respective crura (18 and 20). The cuffs have expandable domes (56) on their inner surface (54). The domes are connected, via a check valve (44) and respec ...

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An unsecured postage applying system wherein the printer and accounting unit are separated from one another by an unsecured link through use of encryption. The printer may be of any off the shelf type that is capable of printing alpha numerics or bar codes. More than one printer can be connected to ...

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A cell controlling computer is interfaced to a group of station-level computers through an access machine which stores a database of data that is continually being updated from the station-level computers in response to conditions on machines and industrial process equipment. The access machine comm ...

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Temperature-controlled diffusional active agent dispensers that use a side-chain crystallizable polymer in a form that is not free to flow above its melt temperature as a rate-controlling matrix are disclosed. The polymer may be crosslinked to render it nonflowable, be supported, or grafted to a per ...