Bartholic David B: Ultra-short contact time fluidized catalytic cracking process.. Bartholic David B, May 10, 1989: EP0315179-A1 (14 worldwide citation)

A fluid catalytic cracking process wherein a hydrocarbon charge-stock is atomized and injected, in a contactor/reactor, into a vertical curtain of hot regenerated catalyst to vaporize and crack hydrocarbons in the charge-stock, wherein the catalyst preferably contains at least 40% by weight of a zeo ...

Aszodi Joszef, Bonnet Alain, Chantot Jean Francois: Cephalosporins having in position 3 a substituted vinyl radical, their process for preparation, their application as medicaments, compositions containing them and intermediates.. Roussel Uclaf, May 10, 1989: EP0315518-A1 (14 worldwide citation)

Products of formula (I): syn isomer in which: R = H, alkyl, alkenyl, alkynyl or cycloalkyl, optionally substituted, A = H, alkali metal, alkaline-earth metal, magnesium, organic base or CO2A = CO2 and their salts, process for their preparation, their application as medications, compositions containi ...

Henault Paul, Lataix Gilbert, Macartney Carleton H, Saffron Ronald: A dual-chambered mixing and dispensing vial.. Merck & Co, May 10, 1989: EP0315440-A2 (14 worldwide citation)

A dual chambered vial is equiped with a dislodgeable stopper device (16) between the two chambers (9, 15), whereby components of a mixture may be maintained in separate chambers until comingling is desired. The stopper (16) is dislodged by means of a plunger (18) activated by depression of flexible ...

Visca Mario, Lenti Daria: Aqueous microemulsions comprising functional perfluoropolyethers.. Ausimont, May 10, 1989: EP0315078-A2 (14 worldwide citation)

Perfluoropolyether microemulsions of the oil-in-water or water-in-oil type, consisting of perfluoropolyethers having an average molecular weight of from 1,500 to 10,000, the end groups of which are at least partially of the functionalized type, optionally containing peroxide bridges in the chain and ...

Hagy Dexter, Austin Jared A: Nonwoven fabric of hydroentangled elastic and nonelastic filaments.. James River, May 10, 1989: EP0315507-A2 (14 worldwide citation)

An elastic nonwoven fabric is made up of staple textile fibers or wood pulp, or both hydroentangled with an elastic web or net of a thermoplastic elastic polymer.

Chomarat Gilbert, Fourezon Andre: Multilayer textile composite made from fibre fleeces having different characteristics.. Chomarat & Cie, May 10, 1989: EP0315553-A1 (14 worldwide citation)

Multilayer textile composite based on fibre sheets (1,2) of different characteristics, the said sheets being bonded together by entangling of the fibres of one of the sheets (1) through the second (2). It is characterised in that: - one of the sheets (1) forming part of its composition is based on n ...

Reid Douglas Charles John: Optical waveguide device having surface relief diffraction grating. Plessey Co, May 10, 1989: GB2209408-A (14 worldwide citation)

An optical waveguide device incorporating a surface-relief diffraction grating structure 6 operating in a first-order spatial harmonic mode. The grating structure 6 comprises the superposition of two or more gratings each having a respective period, and at least two of which 2, 4 are dissimilar grat ...

Poucher Michael: A control system for a bladed rotor assembly. Dowty Rotol, May 10, 1989: GB2209371-A (13 worldwide citation)

The counterrotatable bladed rotor assembly is driveable by a rotatable shaft 17 and comprises: - a leading propeller 12; - a trailing propeller 13; - an epicyclic gearbox 14 located between the leading and trailing propellers; - a first fluid pressure operable actuator 34 to vary the pitch of the bl ...

Kobayashi Shogo, Ishibashi Shigeki, Horie Toshio, Tsuru Shinji, Nakamura Kouzaburou, Maruno Tohru: Optically active compound and chiral liquid crystal composition containing the same.. Nippon Telegraph & Telephone, May 10, 1989: EP0315193-A2 (13 worldwide citation)

An optically active compound represented by the general formula (I) of: R-Z-COO-(Ph)k-Ph(Y)-CO-(CH2)mC*HE L (I) In the general formula (I) R is an alkyl or alkoxy group having 4 to 22 carbon atoms; Z is the one selected from the group consisting of -Ph-, -Ph(X)-, -Ph-Ph-, Ph(X)-Ph-, -Ph-cy-, -Ph(X)- ...

Contamin Jean Claude, Meunier Christine: Cosmetic composition based on lyophilized reproducible yoghurt or kefir.. Oreal, May 10, 1989: EP0315541-A1 (13 worldwide citation)

Cosmetic composition in powder form, designed to be hydrated at the time of use. This powder contains from 50 to 85% by weight of lyophilised yoghurt or kefir capable of being revivified, and at least one acidity acceptor for acid. After rehydration, the cream obtained possesses a pH of between 4.5 ...