Bloch Klaus: Air bag for motor vehicles.. Bloch Klaus, May 10, 1989: EP0314867-A2 (18 worldwide citation)

The invention relates to an air bag for motor vehicles, made of a fabric consisting of plastic fibres. The known air bags consist of a rubberised polyamide fabric. The rubberising is necessary because the polyamide fabric is permeable to air and it is only the rubberising which ensures that the infl ...

Takeuchi Tomio, Hara Takeshi, Hamada Masa, Kondo Shinichi, Sezaki Masaji, Yamamoto Haruo, Gomi Shuichi: New antibiotics, benanomicins a and b and dexylosylbenanomicin b, and production and uses thereof.. Microbial Chem Res Found, May 10, 1989: EP0315147-A2 (17 worldwide citation)

Two new antibiotics which are now nominated as benanomicin A and benanomicin B, respectively, are fermentatively produced by the cultivation of a new microorganism, designated as MH193-16F4 strain, of Actinomycetes. Benanomicins A and B each show antifungal activity and are useful as a therapeutic a ...

Swinehart Daniel C, Terry Douglas B: Distributed computer system,.. Xerox, May 10, 1989: EP0315425-A2 (17 worldwide citation)

Embedded references to uniquely-named, piece table style, persistent data structures are employed to give workstation users within a distributed computing environment controlled access to shared non-textual media files, such as digital voice, music, scanned image or video files, without requiring an ...

Tamura Kohji, Kashiwagi Hiroshi, Noguchi Masahiro: Refrigerants.. Daikin, May 10, 1989: EP0315069-A1 (17 worldwide citation)

A refrigerant comprising chloro-difluoromethane and 1,1,1-trifluoroethane.

Provost Michael John, Nevell David Andrew: Performance data processing system.. Rolls-Royce, May 10, 1989: EP0315307-A2 (17 worldwide citation)

For processing data relating to the performance of an apparatus, analysis of measurement data is performed using the Kalman Filter. The results of a first pass of the data through the filter are refined by discarding at least one less significant component change and/or sensor bias and the Kalman Fi ...

Hallworth Gerald: Formation of flexible laminates.. Dow Chemical, May 10, 1989: EP0315466-A2 (15 worldwide citation)

A flexible laminate, such as backed tufted carpeting, is formed by bonding a fabric or polymeric backing layer to a pre-coated textile substrate. The substrate is pre-coated by advancing it past a perforated hollow transfer roller (3) containing an internal doctor member (4). Fluent settable coating ...

Arroyo Candido John: Water resistant communications cable.. American Telephone & Telegraph, May 10, 1989: EP0314991-A1 (15 worldwide citation)

A communications cable comprising a core of at least one transmission medium and a plastic jacket includes provisions for preventing the movement of water within the cable. An impregnated tape (35) is interposed between the core and the jacket and is wrapped about the core to form a longitudinal ove ...

Bruckert William F, Bissett Thomas D: Duplicated fault-tolerant computer system with error checking.. Digital Equipment, May 10, 1989: EP0315303-A2 (15 worldwide citation)

A fault tolerant computer system having a first processing system which includes a first data processor for executing a series of data processing instructions. A first data output terminal outputs data from the first processing system. A second processing system, substantially identical to the first ...

Whetsel Lee D Jr: Global event qualification system.. Texas Instruments, May 10, 1989: EP0315475-A2 (14 worldwide citation)

Test logic may be included in the design of an integrated circuit (IC1) to facilitate testability. In most instances, an IC's test logic can only be activated while the IC, or logic sections (22) within the IC1) are placed in a non-functional test mode. The present invention is directed toward an ev ...

Terashima Kanetsugu, Ichihashi Mitsuyoshi, Kikuchi Makoto, Takeshita Fusayuki, Furukawa Kenji: Ferroelectric liquid crystal compositions.. Chisso, May 10, 1989: EP0315455-A2 (14 worldwide citation)

A ferroelectric liquid crystal comprises (i) one or more chiral compounds of the formula: (in which R and R are each a straight or branched alkyl, alkoxy, alkoxyalkoxy, alkoxycarbonyl, alkanoyl or alkanoyloxy group containing up to 18 carbon atoms and at least one of R and R has an asymmetric carbon ...