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In a Markov model speech recognition system, an acoustic processor generates one label after another selected from an alphabet of labels. Each vocabulary word is represented as a baseform constructed of a sequence of Markov models. Each Markov model is stored in a computer memory as (a) a plurality ...

Caspari Richard B, Trott Arthur Frank, Bays Barry F: A suturing instrument for use in arthroscopic surgery.. Concept, May 10, 1989: EP0315371-A2 (125 worldwide citation)

A suturing instrument (20) for use in arthroscopic surgery includes a hollow needle (56) for penetrating tissue to be sutured within the body while the tissue is clamped between relatively movable jaws (34, 44), and a suture feed mechanism (68) for feeding suture material (90) through the hollow nee ...

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Compounds of the general formula in which R denotes hydroxyl, lower alkoxy, amino, mono- or di-lower alkylamino; R denotes hydrogen, alkyl, alkoxy or halogen; R, R, R, R, R and R independently of one another denote hydrogen or lower alkyl; R and R together denote a methylene or hydroxymethylene grou ...

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The invention provides a method for treating inflammation caused by the non-specific defense system of a mammalian subject. Inflammation is treated by providing the subject with an anti-inflammatory agent capable of inhibiting granulocyte-endothelial cell adhesion.

Fagnani Roberto Cesare: Polysaccharide-modified immunoglobulins having reduced immunogenic potential or improved pharmacokinetics.. Hybritech, May 10, 1989: EP0315456-A2 (81 worldwide citation)

There is provided a substantially monomeric immunoreactive composition of lowered immunogenic potential, said substance comprising an immunoglobulin, or immunoglobulin fragment, covalently linked to a low molecular weight polysaccharide derivative, preferably an oxidized dextran. Such immunoreactive ...

Schneider Michel, Tournier Herve, Lamy Bernard: Injectable opacifying liposome composition.. Bracco Ind Chimica, May 10, 1989: EP0314764-A1 (73 worldwide citation)

Injectable aqueous composition intended for opacifying certain organs with a view to examination by X-rays. This composition is based on liposomes containing, encapsulated therein, an aqueous solution of an iodinated opacifying agent. The ratio between the weight of iodine encapsulated by the liposo ...


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A substituted carboxylic acid derivative which is fungicidally active is provided. The compound has the formula: wherein R1 stands for a methyl or ethyl group, A stands for R2 stands for a methyl, ethyl or trifluoromethyl group, R3 stands for a methyl group or a halogen or hydrogen atom, R4 stands f ...

Awazu Kunio, Kanda Masahiko: Bio-photosensor.. Sumitomo Electric Industries, May 10, 1989: EP0315040-A1 (56 worldwide citation)

A bio-photosensor used to examine the function of various organs of a human body or the like. It has a flexible printed circuit board (FPC) (1) formed with an electric circuit, a light emitter (2) and a light receptor (3) mounted on the FPC (1) and connected to an electric cable (15) through the ele ...

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A general purpose architecture for a digital microcomputer, which includes a central processing unit, random access memory, user-defined dedicated functions and an optional programmable read only memory. Instructions are fetched either externally or from the optional ROM. Data can be fetched externa ...