Mesotherapeutic injector with microprocessor. Piccinali Eric, May 5, 1989: FR2622457-A1 (130 worldwide citation)

Microprocessor-controlled device for administering - or sampling - liquid products as well as microcurrents. It consists of a frame 1 whose upper part 2 is removable and contains a syringe 3 fitted with a needle 4. An electronic microcircuit 5 controls the operation of an electric motor 7 which actu ...

Surgical staple for immediate fixation of artificial ligaments and accessory instrument for its implantation in the bone. Laboureau Jacques, May 5, 1989: FR2622430-A1 (75 worldwide citation)

The present invention relates to a novel surgical staple for immediate fixation of artificial ligaments. This staple is characterised in that, on the one hand, the body 2 of the staple comprises over its entire height and along its axis a bore 3 of diameter substantially equal to the spacing of the ...

Leisure and work shoe sole permitting easy progress over unstable terrain and increasing the efficiency of movements in swimming. Duc Pierre, May 5, 1989: FR2622411-A1 (46 worldwide citation)

Leisure and work shoe sole permitting easy progress over unstable terrain: desert, sand, snow, marshy ground, etc. Moreover, these soles increase the efficiency of movements in swimming. This invention relates to the technical fields of footwear and of leisure and sports articles. 1) Increase in the ...

Taira Harumi, Yamaguti Yukio, Nitta Mitsuru, Kimura Mitsuru, Dohya Akihiro, Inasaka Jun: Structure for connecting substrates with different thermal expansion coefficients. Nippon Electric Co, May 5, 1989: FR2622741-A1 (17 worldwide citation)

a) Structure for connecting substrates with different thermal expansion coefficients. b) Structure for connecting different substrates, characterised in that it comprises: a first substrate; a second substrate with a heat expansion coefficient differing from that of the first substrate; a first dist ...

Kiel Kaufmann Volker: Writing implement, for example a fountain pen, with a hard plastic nib section having a non-slip profile. Bohler Hermann, May 5, 1989: FR2622512-A3 (12 worldwide citation)

The invention relates to a writing implement, for example a fountain pen. This implement is provided with a non-slip profile 2 made of a rubber or similar material which is injected onto one or more circular recesses formed on the handgrip or nib section 1.

Spoon for food use. Rambin Christian, May 5, 1989: FR2622424-A1 (12 worldwide citation)

The invention concerns a spoon for food use in which at least the dished part is designed for holding a food product, means being provided for keeping the food product held inside the spoon before it is used. This spoon is used to advantage for holding a measure of caster sugar or a measure of fruit ...

Peltier Patrick: Casing for cutout apparatus, especially circuit breaker or interrupter, usable in explosive atmosphere. Legrand, May 5, 1989: FR2622734-A1 (11 worldwide citation)

This casing 10 is of the kind including a body 18 able to receive a cutout apparatus 11 whilst allowing sideways electrical attachment to the latter's connection terminals. According to the invention, this casing body 18 encloses a slide 25 which, mounted movably in translation, includes, on the one ...

Disinfectant composition. Sogeval, May 5, 1989: FR2622397-A1 (11 worldwide citation)

a) The present invention relates to a disinfectant composition in aqueous solution. b) This composition is characterised in that it contains, in quantity by weight, between 3 and 35 % of salts, especially quaternary ammonium chlorides, between 1 and 20 % of straight chain dialdehyde, especially glut ...

Goutelle Michel: Improved cardiac lead. Mazet Electronique, May 5, 1989: FR2622458-A1 (11 worldwide citation)

The cardiac lead is noteworthy in that it comprises a body 1, made with an internal cavity 1-1 and an opening 1-4 emerging in the said cavity and being capable of interacting with a protective cap which is adapted and fitted to one of the ends of the said body, the latter receiving on all or part of ...

Cambon Gerard, Marcone Louis, Elfassi Elhoussaine: Disjoncteur basse tension, a courant continu, et a joues de guidage de larc. Merlin Gerin, May 5, 1989: FR2622736-A1 (11 worldwide citation)

La chambre de formation d'arc d'un disjoncteur basse tension, à courant continu, est délimitée latéralement par deux joues 40, 42, dont l'une 42 est en nylon gazogène et dont l'autre 40 en céramique, sert de support à un aimant permanent 44.