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A "return on investment" digital database usage metering, billing, and security system includes a hardware device which is plugged into a computer system bus (or into a serial or other functionally adequate connector) and a software program system resident in the hardware device. One or more databas ...

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Apparatus for selectively blocking passage of lipids in a liquid flow path. A baffle interposed in the liquid flow path is of nonpolar material and is arranged to permit liquid flow therethrough with contact of said liquid with the nonpolar material of the baffle for removing lipids from the flow. I ...

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A voice actuated control system for controlling vehicle accessories includes a voice processing circuit and memory for storing data representing command words employed to perform control functions for vehicle accessories and for detecting spoken command words and providing data corresponding thereto ...

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A B S T R A C T HEATING RATE VARIANTELONGATED ELECTRIC RESISTANCE HEATER An electrical resistance heater capable of generating heat atdifferent rates at different locations along its length comprises acontinuous and unitary electrical conductor having a thicknesswhich is different at different locat ...

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A system for controlling manufacturing systems having workstations and tools using a Limis system to operate the controllers for the tools. Limis systems use an active transceiver (AT) and one or more passive transceivers (PT). The PT's are attached to the moving parts of the tools, the raw material ...

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A day/night rearview mirror assembly for vehicles useful in varying climatic conditions provides improved control and shifting between day and night positions, reduced undesired movement between day and night positions during adjustment of the major mirror position, and improved impact and bending r ...

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The present invention provides a system for measuring flow of a fluid through a line. In the system, a region of fluid along the line is isolated from pressure effects outside of the region. A source region contains a measurement gas in communication with the isolated region, such that the source me ...

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A crystalline zeolite SSZ-25 is prepared using an adamantane quaternary ammonium ion as a template.

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A system and method for treating an animal subject having predetermined body tissues characterized by abnormal or impaired dietary fuel processing capabilities. A dietary fuel of preselected type and quantity is administered to the subject to produce in the blood supply to these body tissues a subst ...

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A pulse oximeter sensor is provided in which the wrap which encloses and secures the light source and detector to the body includes a sheet of metallized material. The metallized material reflects body heat back to the body and provides opacity to interfering ambient light. The wrap may be formed in ...