William S Pierce: Surgical pledget. Thomas Hooker, April 25, 1989: US04823794 (404 worldwide citation)

A surgical pledget including a suture entrance slit extending through the pledget from a side wall to a central suture location within the pledget and means for retaining the suture at the suture location so that the pledget may be positioned on a medial portion of a suture.

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A disposable bipolar electrosurgical probe which can be readily applied to the tissue to be treated, then discarded. The probe comprises an elongated substrate member having a peripheral surface of dielectric material and a longitudinal axis extending between a working end and an attachment end. At ...

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The present invention relates to an oximeter for monitoring oxygen saturation of arterial blood. Light of two wavelengths is transmitted through a specimen. Detectors measure the attenuation of light through the specimen to produce two modulating data streams. The data streams are thereafter process ...

Harvey Wolinsky: Method for the prevention of restenosis. Wyatt Gerber Shoup and Badie, April 25, 1989: US04824436 (252 worldwide citation)

Process for local administration of heparin or other agents to inhibit arterial smooth muscle cell proliferation utilizing a catheter.

William J Howdle: Apparatus for mounting aerial survey camera under aircraft wings. Enserch Corporation, Ross Howison Clapp & Korn, April 25, 1989: US04825232 (237 worldwide citation)

A removable adaptor mount for receiving a camera-carrying gimbal beneath an aircraft wing has a base plate with a clamp for removably engaging the diagonal wing strut. An anchor on the base spaced from the strut clamp can be secured to the wing. Holes on the base permit a conventional gimbal to be b ...

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A method of performing remote process execution in a computer network. A remote process execution request, including an identification of a process to be executed, is transmitted from a requesting computer to a serving computer. At both the requesting and the serving computers, a file addressing str ...

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A reconfigurable remote control transmitter can be used with a plurality of remotely controlled products, each of which is normally controlled with one or more signals from an associated remote control transmitter. The reconfigurable transmitter has a plurality of input keys and operates either in a ...

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An improved fiber distribution panel including fiber connecting and splicing modules which are slidable into and out of a housing which is formed to support a plurality of said modules. Each module is provided with means for supporting a fiber connector at an angle with respect to the front edge the ...

David R Humble: System and method for checkout counter product promotion. Advance Promotion Technologies, Robin Blecker & Daley, April 25, 1989: US04825045 (226 worldwide citation)

An expanded display unit for communication with a customer in a supermarket checkout facility is furnished with information from a system responsive to UPC signals provided by a scanner. Such system discerns selected products selected for purchase from such UPC signals, such products being those in ...

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Elongate flexible elements are guided into place within a tortuous body passage by providing the elements with annular guides adjacent their distal ends and sliding the elements over a guide wire extended through the passage. Column strength to move the elements through the body passage may be provi ...