Fred Thomas Fred Thomas
Thomas Fred C Iii: Rf id tagging for improved tracking in a secure environment. Iomega, April 12, 1989: EP1126399-A2 (14 worldwide citation)

An apparatus and method are provided for tracking objects in a secure environment. RF ID technology, including tag(s) and an antenna, is employed by placing the antenna in a strategic position within a secure environment, such as a safe. An RF ID tag has a memory and is positioned on an object to be ...

Ganzer Michael Dr, Franke Wilfried Dr, Dorfmeister Gabrielle Dr, Johann Gerhard Dr, Arndt Friedrich Dr, Rees Richard Dr: Heterocyclic substituted azoles and azines, process for their preparation and their use as an agent with herbicide activity.. Schering, April 12, 1989: EP0311135-A2 (69 worldwide citation)

The invention relates to novel heterocyclically substituted azoles and azines of the formula I in which R1, X, Y and Z are as defined in the description, their preparation, and their use as agents with herbicidal activity.

Augustine Scott D, Augustine Douglas J: Thermal blanket.. Augustine Scott D, Augustine Douglas J, April 12, 1989: EP0311336-A1 (56 worldwide citation)

A thermal blanket (10) includes an inflatable covering with a head end (12), a foot end (14), two edges (15) and an undersurface. The covering is inflated through an inlet (16) at the foot end (14) by a thermally-controlled inflating medium. An aperture array on the undersurface of the covering exha ...

Tsujino Yoshio, Yokoo Yoshiharu, Sakato Kuniaki, Hagino Hiroshi: Hair-care product composition.. Kyowa Hakko Kogyo, Yamahatsu Sangyo, April 12, 1989: EP0310675-A1 (56 worldwide citation)

The compsn. (1) comprises at least one two-electron reduction type oxidase in which oxygen serves as an electron acceptor. The two-electron reduction type oxidase is at least one cpd. selected from pyranose oxidase, glucose oxidase, glycerol oxidase, lactic acid oxidase, pyridic acid oxidase and uri ...

Franz Dieter Dr, Gousetis Charalampos Dr, Jakob Claus Peter, Mach Helmut Dr, Rath Hans Peter Dr, Starke Klaus: Fuels containing a polyether amine for spark ignition engines.. BASF, April 12, 1989: EP0310875-A1 (52 worldwide citation)

Fuels for spark-ignition engines, containing small quantities of a polyether-amine of the formula I in which R is the radical of a monohydric or polyhydric alcohol or of an amine, each having 2 to 30 carbon atoms, X is an oxygen atom or an group, in which R is a second radical R or a second radical ...

Prodan Richard Stephen, Rhodes Charles W: System for broadcasting hdtv images over standard television frequency channels.. Philips, April 12, 1989: EP0311188-A2 (45 worldwide citation)

Method and apparatus for transmitting and receiving an HDTV signal over standard television bandwidth channels. The system provides for quadrature modulation of the standard NTSC carrier with an augmentation signal containing components of the HDTV signal. The upper sideband portion of the quadratur ...

Stepto Robert Frederick Thomas, Tomka Ivan, Thoma Markus: Shaped articles made from pre-processed starch. Warner Lambert Co, April 12, 1989: GB2208651-A (45 worldwide citation)

The invention refers to a process of forming shaped articles from starch, which process comprises: (a) heating a composition comprising a pre-processed and essentially destructurized starch/water material, at a water content in the range of from 10 to 20 % by weight based on the weight of the compos ...

Haney Keith Mallory, Lingafelter Jerry Kenneth: Compact casing tongs for use on top head drive earth drilling machine.. Apache, April 12, 1989: EP0311455-A1 (44 worldwide citation)

Compact casing tongs include a tube (12) which is secured to a connector (22), the connector in turn being supported and rotated by a quill of a top head drive assembly. The lower end of the tube rigidly supports a set of cams (44) which define multiple recesses (46). A jaw (50) is mounted in each r ...

Kishita Hirofumi, Yamaguchi Kouichi, Takago Toshio: Curable silicone composition.. Shinetsu Chemical Co, April 12, 1989: EP0311262-A2 (44 worldwide citation)

A curable silicone composition comprising; (a) an organopolysiloxane having in its molecule at least two silicon-bonded C2 to C8 alkenyl groups and containing in its molecule at least one selected from the group consisting of silicon-bonded fluorine-containing substituents represented respectively b ...

Sinfosky Edward L, Wagner Maria S, Dickinson Douglas William, Spears J Richard: Laser balloon catheter.. Bard C R, April 12, 1989: EP0311458-A2 (42 worldwide citation)

A laser balloon catheter intended primarily for coronary angioplasty includes a flexible tube (10) having an inflatable balloon (12) secured to its distal end, a central shaft (26) within the balloon (12) for carrying a guide wire (28), an optical fiber (32) for carrying laser radiation through the ...