Mitsugi Senda, Tokuji Ikeda, Isao Katasho: Enzyme electrodes. Shimadzu Corporation, Sandler & Greenblum, April 11, 1989: US04820399 (467 worldwide citation)

An enzyme electrode composed of a carrier, an enzyme immobilized on a parr of the surface of the carrier, a coating film consisting of a thin film coating the portion where the enzyme is immobilized and being permeable for the substrate for the enzyme and an internal electrode capable of applying vo ...

David T Green: Surgical fastener cartridge. United States Surgical Corporation, Dilworth & Barrese, April 11, 1989: US04819853 (426 worldwide citation)

A surgical fastener apparatus possesses an improved fastener cartridge component. The cartridge includes a fastener holder pivotally connected to an anvil assembly, there being defined upon the opposed surfaces of said holder and anvil, gripping means for taking up the pulling and preventing or impe ...

Eric G Leveen, Robert F Leveen: Internal vascular prosthesis. John S Hale, April 11, 1989: US04820298 (367 worldwide citation)

A medical stent for use in an aneurysm constructed with a flexible tubular body formed from a medical thermoplastic in the form of a helix. The flexible tubular body defines a lumen and the body is adapted to assume a substantial linear configuration when mounted on a stylet with the material of the ...

Jurgen Harms, Lutz Biedermann: Place holder, in particular for a vertebra body. R T Gammons, April 11, 1989: US04820305 (303 worldwide citation)

A prosthesis in the form of a hollow, cylindrical jacket for insertion in the gap between adjacent bone ends, the jacket being provided with reticulated sides and with toothed ends for engagement with the bone ends.

Lynn M Shimada, Guy R Lowery, Glen L Lieber: Valvuloplasty catheter and method. Baxter Travenol Laboratories, Gordon L Peterson, April 11, 1989: US04819751 (294 worldwide citation)

A valvuloplasty catheter comprising a catheter body having a through lumen, a tube extending through the lumen and having a distal end portion extending distally beyond the distal end of the catheter body and movable axially in the lumen relative to the catheter body. A radially expandable and axial ...

Bjorn Jonson: Method and apparatus for delivering aerosol to the airways and/or lungs of a patient. Siemens Aktiengesellschaft, April 11, 1989: US04819629 (289 worldwide citation)

A method and apparatus for delivering aerosol to the airways and/or lungs of a patient employ a separate inspiration line and expiration line connected to the patient, with an aerosol generator connected to the inspiration line. A respiration monitor is provided which generates signals corresponding ...

Mark A Saab: Dilatation catheter with collapsible outer diameter. C R Bard, Wolf Greenfield & Sacks, April 11, 1989: US04820349 (277 worldwide citation)

A balloon dilatation catheter having a balloon at its distal end includes a distal segment having a collapsible outer diameter. The distal segment includes an inner shaft and a generally coaxial outer surrounding sleeve formed from a very flexible, thin wall, high-strength polymeric material. The ba ...

Phil Trotter Jr: Aerobic exercise floor system. Richard C Litman, April 11, 1989: US04819932 (270 worldwide citation)

A resilient wood floor for aerobic exercise. The boards of the floor are free to pivot in tongue and groove joints. The wood is laid on a foam pad which will always yield during ordinary human exercises. The boards are held together by spring clips which lengthen when a load is applied to the boards ...

Michael P Zelin: Blood constituent measuring device and method. Datascope, Fitzpatrick Cella Harper & Scinto, April 11, 1989: US04819752 (245 worldwide citation)

A blood constituent measuring apparatus and method, which can be used to measure the oxygen (or other blood constituent) content of the blood. The apparatus includes sources of two or more wavelengths of light for transmitting, e.g., red and infrared light through a portion of the body, and a photod ...

Norihito Ichikawa, Osamu Oda, Toshio Amano, Ikuo Someya: Video display system with selective display of operating conditions. Sony Corporation, April 11, 1989: US04821102 (225 worldwide citation)

A video display system has a circuit for sequentially superimposing N (N.gtoreq.2) information signals upon a video signal for display on the picture screen of a television receiver, at predetermined positions in parallel relation, and a circuit for changing the display positions so as to display in ...

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