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An apparatus having a vibratable tip (22) for ultrasonically disintegrating tissue in a surgical procedure and for aspirating the disintegrated tissue and fluid away from the surgical site (12) through an opening (24) in the tip. A connection (42) to the electrosurgical unit provides for delivery of ...

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A device is described for injecting fluids into a channel (1) of a cannula attachment piece, with a guide cylinder (3) which is connected to the channel housing (2) and which is in flow connection with the channel (1) via a connection part (4), it being possible for the connection part (4) to be sea ...

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Current limiting contact arrangement, of the free repulsion type, consisting of a modular unit (10) to be housed in an usually insulating box (12), provided with two fixed contact arms (14, 30) and at least two movable contact arms (20, 26) which can be actuated both manually by means of a rod (44) ...

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Verbindungen der Formel in welcher bedeuten: R1 und R2 unabhängig voneinander Wasserstoff, Halogen, C1-C3-Alkyl, C1-C2-Halogenalkyl, C1-C3-Alkoxy oder C1-C3 Halogenalkoxy; R3 Wasserstoff, C1-C4-Alkyl; oder durch Halogen, Hydroxy oder Cyano substituiertes C1-C4-Alkyl; Cyclopropyl oder durch Methyl un ...

Bottrill John: Exterior rear-view mirror assembly for a vehicle.. Britax Wingard, April 5, 1989: EP0310261-A1 (75 worldwide citation)

An exterior rear-view mirror assembly for a vehicle has a housing (10) arranged to be mounted at a predetermined orientation on a vehicle body and a mirror (30) mounted in the housing (10) on means (28) permitting its orientation to be adjusted relative to the housing (10). A second mirror (36), whi ...

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An optical filter comprises a volume diffraction grating (1) provided within a waveguide. The grating (1) has a thickness T sufficient such that when an optical beam R is incident on the grating from outside the waveguide, wavelengths at or near the Bragg wavelength for the grating are diffracted an ...

Yoshimura Hiroshi, Shirata Akihiro, Kuroyanagi Junzo: Transmission control apparatus.. Isuzu Motors, April 5, 1989: EP0310387-A2 (57 worldwide citation)

An apparatus for controlling a transmission having a synchromesh has a shifting actuator (1) having an electric motor (11) for shifting gears of the transmission. A load on the synchromesh is measured when shifting the gears of the transmission. A shifting stroke value for the shifting actuator (1) ...

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A method of generating a two-dimensional image representing a three-dimensional scene is described. The method comprises: a) storing a set of foreground pixel data and at least one set of background pixel data, each such set defining a colour and a depth for each pixel of the image; b) selectively m ...

Strohmeier Fred, Witt Klaus: Pumping apparatus for delivering liquid at high pressure.. Hewlett-Packard, April 5, 1989: EP0309596-A1 (47 worldwide citation)

A pumping apparatus for delivering liquid at a high pressure, in particular for use in liquid chromatography, comprises two pistons (10, 20) which reciprocate in pump chambers (7,18) , respectively. The output of the first pump chamber (7) is connected via a valve (13) to the input of the second pum ...

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The gene for stilbene synthase is isolated from plants and used for transforming vectors, host organisms and plants and for generating plants which have an increased resistance to pests.