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This invention provides a system that allows a customer to select various randomly accessible musical pieces to be copied at a rapid speed onto a tape for his immediate purchase, and that automatically forwards the appropriate royalty payments to the credit of the artists involved. In a preferred em ...

Zarling Joyce M, Ledbetter Jeffrey A: Antibody heteroconjugates for the killing of hiv-infected cells.. Bristol Myers Co, March 29, 1989: EP0308936-A2 (79 worldwide citation)

The present invention relates to novel antibody heteroconjugates and their use in methods for killing HIV-infected cells. The heteroconjugates are comprised of an antibody specific for an HIV antigen that is expressed on HIV-infected cells cross-linked to an antibody specific for an effector cell of ...

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Hindered amines based on various 2,2,6,6-tetraalkylated nitrogen-containing heterocyclic moieties wherein the hindered nitrogen atom on the ring is substituted with OR1 substituents and the 4-position of the ring is substituted with a variety of groups, are effective as light stabilizers in diverse ...

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An improved process for the preparation of mineral/collagen/OF (osteogenic factor) inductive implants for bone repair utilizes drying, under ambient pressure conditions, a suspension of 75-95% mineral particles, 5-25% collagen, and an effective amount of OF, such as 0.5-4% partially purified OFE or ...

Paton Anthony David, Temple Stephen, Michaelis Alan John: Manufacture of nozzles for ink jet printers.. Am Int, March 29, 1989: EP0309146-A2 (55 worldwide citation)

A method of manufacturing one or more nozzles (13) for an ink jet printhead initially comprises bonding a nozzle plate (14) to the ink ejection end of the printhead (16). A mask (12) is then secured in contact with the nozzle plate (14), the mask having a plurality of apertures (15) each defining a ...

Bartlett Peter G: Digital computer having signal circuitry.. Automation Syst, March 29, 1989: EP0308583-A2 (53 worldwide citation)

A combination of a programmable logic controller with analog circuitry. The analog circuitry includes a summation point to which several items are coupled. Analog inputs are selectively coupled to the summation point through analog switches. Also, the output of a digital to analog converter couples ...

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N-hydroxy-substituted hindered amine light stabilizers impart outstanding stabilization properties to coatings based on a variety of resins, the stabilized coatings exhibiting improved durability, weatherability, and the like. Some of them are new compounds.

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New pharmacologically active benzimidazoline-2-oxo-1-carboxylic acid derivatives which are 5-HT receptor antagonists useful as antiemetic agents and as gastric prokinetic agents of the following formula: wherein R represents a hydrogen atom, C1-6 alkyl, C1-6 alkenyl or C1-6 alkynil; R1 and R2 may be ...

Stephan Dieter Dr: Capsules for the pharmaceutically active contents of a medicament.. Stephan Dieter, Stephan Guenter, March 29, 1989: EP0308637-A1 (40 worldwide citation)

In the capsule (13), the constituents (L) of lipophilic phase and the constituents (P) of polar phase are each accommodated in their own receiving part (25, 26) of the capsule (13). At least one wall of the receiving part (25, 26) is designed so that mixing of the constituents (L, P) in the two phas ...

Ward Robert Thomas, Butler John Meigs: Support for dynamoelectric machine stator coil end portions.. Westinghouse Electric, March 29, 1989: EP0309096-A2 (39 worldwide citation)

A coil support arrangement for use in connection with a dynamoelectric machine equipped with a stator having top (10) and bottom (12) winding coil end portions arranged in phase groups and extending outwardly from the stator at each end thereof. The support arrangement consists of a support ring (24 ...