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Tumor Necrosis Factor (TNF) Inhibitory Protein is isolated and substantially purified. It has the ability to inhibit: (a) the binding of TNF to its receptors, and (b) the cytotoxic effect of TNF. TNF Inhibitory Protein, salts, functional derivatives and active fractions thereof and mixtures of any o ...


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Computer data processing, programming and printing for an improved incentive award program which allocates monetary amounts available for expenditure through credit instruments issued to program participants when the participants perform to a designated level of achievement. Participants identifying ...

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The present invention relates to ocular hypotensive agents which contains 13,14-dihydro-15-keto-prostagrandins, which shows no transient ocular hypertensive response that PGs usually show.

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A substrate is coated with a visible light sensitive composition comprising a free radical addition polymerizable or cross linkable material and a photobleachable ionic dye-counter ion compound capable of absorbing visible light and generating free radicals. The composition is exposed to light to ha ...

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An hermetically coated optical fiber is produced by contacting a hot fiber with an organic material such as acetylene. The heat of the fiber causes decomposition and results in an hermetic, carbonaceous coating. This coating is essentially impermeable to both water and hydrogen.

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Stable lyophilized compositions comprising polypeptide growth factors and kits containing the compositions are provided. The compositions may contain extenders for lyophilization and may also contain water soluble polymers for imparting viscosity to a reconstituted solution.

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A structural gene coding for authentic human serum albumin, - optionally supplemented by an upstream triplet coding for methionine and optionally extended by a synthetic prepro*-leader-coding sequence - , wherein the codons of the nucleotide sequence have been selected with regard to a non-human hos ...

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An optical system for fingerprint imaging utilizing a platen prism (14) and a correction prism (30). The platen prism includes a platen area (18) on one face for receiving a finger to be imaged. Light from a monochromatic light source (22) enters the platen prism through a second face (18) and is to ...

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Disclosed is an ultra mild skin cleansing bar composition comprising: mild synthetic surfactants, moisturizers, a mixture of selected polymeric skin feel and mildness aids and selected levels of soap. An ultra mild skin cleansing bar is provided which is clinically milder on the skin than water and ...