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An improved membrane electrode for measuring the concentration of a non-ionic species in an essentially aqueous medium comprising:

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Systems including piezoelectric sensor elements advantageously mounted between supporting hard plastic material of various types or other mechanically similar materials. The sensor can further be supported by backup plate structures. Some backup plates show full shoe coverage and others show partial ...

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A catheter for insertion into a body cavity, comprises a tubular shaft formed with a passageway extending longitudinally therethrough closed at one end and open at the opposite end and a probe removably received within the passageway through its open end. The probe includes a temperature sensor for ...

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A method and apparatus for drilling subsea wells in water depths exceeding 3000 feet (preferably exceeding 4000 feet). Drilling mud returns are taken at the seafloor and pumped to the surface by a centrifugal pump that is powered by a seawater driven turbine. A low-differential pressure rotating hea ...

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A method for the intelligent, in-line, dynamic editing of documents containing mixed object types on a computer work station is disclosed. The mixed object types may be text objects, draw graphics objects, business graphics objects, and tables objects. The editor executes actions on use selected obj ...

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Taxol derivatives of formula ##STR1## in which R represents hydrogen or acetyl, one of R.sub.1 or R.sub.2 represents hydroxy and the other represents tert-butoxycarbonylamino and their isomers are useful antitumor agents.

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A power line communication system specially designed for use in local area network (LAN) configurations has receiver and transmitter sections for fast, highly reliable data communication. The receiver includes controlled adaptive second order filters for ensuring data reception in virtually any sign ...

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A shielded safety syringe comprising a cylindrical, outer protective sleeve, an inner needle carrier movable axially through the sleeve, and a double-ended hypodermic needle supported by the needle carrier and aligned coaxially with respect to the outer sleeve and needle carrier. The needle communic ...

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A lightweight athletic shoe includes reinforcing members which provide added strength and lateral support without detracting from breathability, comfort or flexibility. The reinforcing members extend upwardly from between the sole and the upper or opposite sides of the shoe to the forward portion of ...

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A catheter device for accessing an internal body site along a small-diameter vessel path containing branch points in which the path may follow either the larger of smaller-diameter branch vessels. The device includes a catheter having a distal-end inflatable ballon and a distal-end aperture. A guide ...