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A process for the production of a recombinant Humicola lipase is provided. The process comprises cultivating an Aspergillus sp. host transformed with a vector system comprising DNA sequences encoding functions facilitating gene expression and optionally a suitable marker for selection of transforman ...

Molee Kenneth J, Wilson Kenneth B: Winged napkin having cross-channeling.. Personal Products Co, March 1, 1989: EP0304957-A2 (51 worldwide citation)

A sanitary napkin (100) having flaps (16, 18) extending laterally from each of the longitudinal edges (60) of its central absorbent element (20) is provided with fluid retarding means (24, 26) disposed transversely across the absorbent element for inhibiting the transmission of body fluid from a cen ...

Rothman Martin Terry, Straughan Keith, Kitney Richard Ian: Ultrasonic transducer array around a flexible tube. Circulation Res, March 1, 1989: GB2208138-A (44 worldwide citation)

A tubular probe carries round its circumference a transducer arrangement 3 of ultrasonic transducer segments T1-T12 capable of transmitting ultrasonic pulses and receiving echoes. The transducer segments are connected to a multiplexer/demultiplexer and to an image processor device. The probe may be ...

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Hydroxystyrene derivatives of formula (I) and their salts are new: where R1 and R2 are Ph, benzyl or phenethyl, or R1 is OR5 and R2 is benzyl or PhSCH2-; R3 and R4 together are -CO-NH-CS-S- or a group of formula (II), (III) or (IV); R5 is H, 1-5C alkyl or benzyl; R6 is a group of formula (V), or pyr ...

Ochiai Yoshitaka, Aso Koichi, Hashimoto Shyunichi: Magneto-optical recording medium.. Sony, March 1, 1989: EP0304873-A1 (39 worldwide citation)

A magneto-optical recording medium is disclosed in which a magneto-optical recording layer is formed by alternately stacking Co layers and Pt and/or Pd layers, and having a total thickness between 50 and 800 ANGSTROM . Each of the Co layers and Pt and/or Pd layers has a preferable thickness range.

Dabi Shmuel: Hydrophilic polymers for incorporating deodorants into absorbent structures.. Personal Products Co, March 1, 1989: EP0304952-A2 (36 worldwide citation)

There is disclosed the process of incorporating a deodorant powder (of various mechanisms of action) into a hydrophilic, swellable, water-insoluble asbsorbent crosslinked polymer, which swellable polymer is coated on a thin, flexible, substrate e.g. a non-woven web, a paper tissue, or a water-insens ...

Barsotti Christina C, Harry Emory J, Tremaine Steven G: Multiple lead probe for integrated circuits in wafer form.. Tektronix, March 1, 1989: EP0304868-A2 (33 worldwide citation)

A probe assembly for use in testing an integrated circuit embodied in an integrated circuit chip in wafer form comprises a support member formed with an aperture and a membrane spanning the aperture, both the support member and the membrane having conductor runs thereon. The runs of the membrane cou ...

Thoma Hans A Dr: Peptide comprising hepatitis b surface antigen.. Mccormick & Jones Eng, March 1, 1989: EP0304578-A1 (31 worldwide citation)

HBV surface antigen particles, prepared by recombinant DNA technology are described, said particles being composed of epitopes from the group of surface peptides and/or core peptide of non-A, non-B hepatitis virus, hepatitis virus A and/or hepatitis virus B. Respective particles are especially chara ...

Deutsch Julius Dr, Conrad Jurgen Dr: Multinucleic substituted complexants, complexes and complex salts, process for their preparation and pharmaceutical agents containing them.. Schering, March 1, 1989: EP0305320-A2 (30 worldwide citation)

Compounds of the general formulae I and II in which q represents the figures 0, 1 or 2, r and s in each case represent the figures 0, 1, 2 and 3, m represents the figures 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5, l represents the figures 0, 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5, R and R each represent a hydrogen atom or a straight-chain, branche ...

Finlan Martin Francis, Charles Stephen Alexander, Irlam James Christopher, Midgley John Edward Maurice: Biological sensors.. Amersham Int, March 1, 1989: EP0305109-A1 (29 worldwide citation)

A sensor using the principle of surface plasmon resonance (SPR) to monitor the progress of the reaction between a sample (not shown) and a sensitive layer 20 (for example an antibody layer). The layer 20 is applied to the rear surface of a metallic film 19 formed on the surface of an optically trans ...