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An olefin polymerization supported catalyst comprising a support and the reaction product of a metallocene of Group 4b, 5b or 6b of the Periodic Table and an alumoxane, said reaction product formed in the presence of a support.

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A system for displaying data to produce a three-dimensional image, and interactively modifying and transforming the data and the resultant image in response to user commands comprises control circuitry, a high-speed processor linked to the control circuitry, a memory linked to the control circuitry ...

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Extractor and method for removing stones or other foreign objects from the biliary and urinary systems or from other portions of the body. The extractor includes a self-closing basket at the distal end of a catheter, with a flexible control line for opening the basket from the proximal end of the ca ...

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An article of manufacture is disclosed for absorbing liquids, particularly body fluids such as urine. An absorbent core is encased in an outer covering layer to which flaps are connected along the longitudinal sides. The flaps are elasticized and have a leakage resistant portion which is non-wicking ...

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A support system for Computer-Aided Software Engineer (CASE) applications provides configuration management and features such as transparent retrieval of named versions of program sequences on a line by line basis as well as task monitoring and reporting. A modification record is maintained for all ...

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Solid-state overvoltage protection devices, preferably formed of deposited thin film, chalcogenide, threshold switching materials, typically include at least one elongated current conduction path through an elongated cross-sectional area of the threshold switching material. The cross-sectional area ...

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A system is provided for controlling flow of a first fluid through a line. Dispensing means isolates a region of the first fluid in the line from effects of pressure in the line outside of the region and repetitively dispenses into and out of the region volume increments of first fluid. Measurement ...

John G Breeding: Card shuffling device. Shuffle Master, Merchant Gould Smith Edell Welter & Schmidt, February 28, 1989: US04807884 (217 worldwide citation)

Discloses an apparatus automatically shuffling a deck of cards. The device includes a deck stacking zone, a carriage section for separating the deck into two portions, a sloped mechanism for disposition between adjacent corners of the deck and apparatus for snapping the cards over the sloped mechani ...

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A pulse oximetry system is provided in which LEDs of two different wavelengths illuminate tissue containing arterial blood flow. A photodiode receives light from the LEDs and produces electrical signals containing pulsatile components. The components of the two wavelengths are separated and the puls ...

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Call completion equipment (10) is disclosed for use with a switching system (14) for assisting callers to complete telephone calls thereto. If a primary destination telephone set (16) is busy or does not answer, a message is transmitted from a message storage unit (54) to the calling party. The mess ...