Bryce Graeme Findlay, Shapiro Stanley Seymour: Retinoids for the treatment of skin damaged by light.. Hoffmann La Roche, February 22, 1989: EP0303915-A2 (110 worldwide citation)

Compounds of the formula in which Z and n have the meanings defined in the description, can be used as active ingredients in products for topical treatment of skin damaged by light.

Stepto Robert Frederick Thomas, Tomka Ivan Dr, Thoma Markus: Shaped articles made from pre-processed starch.. Warner Lambert Co, February 22, 1989: EP0304401-A2 (83 worldwide citation)

The invention refers to a process of forming shaped articles from starch, which process comprises: (a) heating a composition comprising a pre-processed and essentially destructurized starch/water material, at a water content in the range of from 10 to 20 % by weight based on the weight of the compos ...

Hamilton Edwin J Jr, Burleigh Bruce D: Stabilization of growth promoting hormones.. Int Minerals & Chem, February 22, 1989: EP0303746-A1 (59 worldwide citation)

Growth hormones may be admixed with various stabilizers to provide for the decreased formation of insolubles and preservation of the soluble bioactivity of the growth promoting hormone in aqueous environments. Examples of such stabilizers include certain polyols, amino acids, polymers of amino acids ...

Ekins Roger Philip: Determination of ambient concentrations of several analytes.. Ekins Roger Philip, February 22, 1989: EP0304202-A1 (54 worldwide citation)

A method for determining the ambient concentrations of a plurality of analytes in a liquid sample of volume V litres, comprises loading a plurality of different binding agents, each being capable of reversibly binding an analyte which is or may be present in the liquid sample and is specific for tha ...

Hirsch John L: Pad turner and inverter.. Joa Curt G, February 22, 1989: EP0304140-A2 (48 worldwide citation)

Oblong articles such as sanitary pads (10) moving in the direction of their length dimension are deposited on article carriers (35) at the lower level of an ascending run of an input closed loop chain conveyor (25) with corresponding one sides of the articles facing up. There are means for pivoting ...

Markussen Erik Kjaer: Enzyme containing granulate and method for production thereof.. Novo Industri, February 22, 1989: EP0304332-A2 (44 worldwide citation)

The granulate comprises a core surrounded by a coating comprising cellulose fibres or artificial fibres, a binder, a filler and granulating aids. The core and/or the coating contains an enzyme. The granulate is produced in a granulator. The granulate exhibits an improved physical stability.

Corrigan Wilfried J, Dell Oca Conrad J: Semiconductor chip assembly.. Lsi Logic, February 22, 1989: EP0304263-A2 (40 worldwide citation)

An integrated circuit assembly includes a plurality of semiconductor chips (10,18,20,22) which are joined mechanically and electrically. The semiconductor chips are formed by the same or different device technology, and can function as different types of elements or circuits.

Barbic Federico Nmn, Choy David Mun Hien: Text search system.. Ibm, February 22, 1989: EP0304191-A2 (40 worldwide citation)

In a searching for library documents that match the content of a given sequence of query words, a set of equivalent words are defined for each query word along with a corresponding word equivalence value assigned to each equivalent word. Target sequences of words in a library document which match th ...

Freedman Jules, Dudley Mark W: Novel antidepressants.. Merrell Dow Pharma, February 22, 1989: EP0303961-A2 (39 worldwide citation)

The present invention provides novel compounds such as certain aryloxy indanamines which are useful as anti-depressants and as inhibitors of synaptic norepinephrine and serotonin uptake. The present invention also provides an improvement in the treatment of depression which comprises inhibiting syna ...

Chen Shen Yuan: Quickly formable light emitting diode display and its forming method.. Chen Shen Yuan, February 22, 1989: EP0303741-A1 (35 worldwide citation)

The invention relates to light emitting diode display in the form of an array, dot matrix or number-shaped segments. First, many lenses (30) are formed by ejection at one time, which keep a definite interval from each other; then continuous punching and cutting are applied, as well as pressing and e ...