Kees Schouhamer Immink
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A sampled synchronous transmission signal Vt is represented by a series of samples J at equidistant sampling instants. A computing circuit 5 computes the positions R of the sampling instants relative to the rising edges of a virtual reference clock Cref which is phase-locked to the channel clock. Fo ...

Robert S Broughton, William C Laumeister: Interactive video method and apparatus. Interactive Systems Incorporated, Kolisch Hartwell & Dickinson, February 21, 1989: US04807031 (641 worldwide citation)

Method and apparatus for in-band, video broadcasting of commands to interactive devices are described. Control data are encoded by subliminally modulating, prior to the remote, composite video broadcast of video program material, a selected sequence of video image fields. The resulting modulated vid ...

Takashi Hagiwara: Slot machine. Sigma Enterprises Incorporated, Stevens Davis Miller & Mosher, February 21, 1989: US04805907 (591 worldwide citation)

This invention relates to a slot machine which comprises one main machine, and a plurality of subordinate machines connected to the main machine. Each subordinate machine comprises a slot, detecting means for sensing the coins betted in; and coin paying-out means.

Robert G Rothfuss: Pocket configuration for internal organ staplers. Ethicon, Paul A Coletti, February 21, 1989: US04805823 (533 worldwide citation)

A guiding pocket for driving staples is described, in which a first set of parallel sides helps form the opening for the guiding pockets. These parallel sides are connected to tapered sides, which are in turn connected to a second pair of parallel sides, creating a hexagonal shaped pocket. The resul ...

Rolando M Puno, Kevin A Kelly: Transpedicular screw and rod system. Danninger Medical Technology, Pearne Gordon McCoy & Granger, February 21, 1989: US04805602 (527 worldwide citation)

An apparatus is provided for the internal fixation of the spine. The apparatus comprises two sets of implants each consisting of a rod and a plurality of vertebral anchors. A set of implants is positioned on the spine on either side of the spinous process spanning the portion of spine to be immobili ...

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A spectrophotometric method is described of quantitatively determining the concentration of a dilute component in either a clear or a strongly light-scattering environment containing same in unknown concentration together with a reference component of known concentration, by a series of contemporane ...

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Improved low-potential electrochemical sensors and method for rapid, accurate, in vitro and in vivo measurement of the concentration of carbohydrates in organic or biological fluids by cyclic voltammetric or coulometric scan within a restricted voltage domain and identifying one or more oxidation an ...

Allen R Wyler: Sphenoidal electrode and insertion method. Ad Tech Medical Instrument Corporation, Peter N Jansson, February 21, 1989: US04805625 (343 worldwide citation)

An improved apparatus and method for insertion of a sphenoidal wire electrode. The apparatus includes a needle (22) carrying a wire (24) having a turned-back distal portion (34) beside the needle and terminating forwardly along the slant-tip (28). The method includes positioning the wire in the need ...

Hwa C Torng: Instruction issuing mechanism for processors with multiple functional units. Cornell Research Foundation, Sughrue Mion Zinn Macpeak & Seas, February 21, 1989: US04807115 (339 worldwide citation)

An instruction issuing mechanism for boosting throughput of processors with multiple functional units. A Dispatch Stack (DS) and a Precedence Count Memory (PCM) are employed which allow multiple instructions to be issued per machine cycle. Additionally, instructions do no have to be issued according ...

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An improved surgical fastener system comprising parallel rows of staples and receivers with the receivers connected to adjacent receivers by a plurality of linkages.