Ping W Fu, Thomas J Manning: Personal health monitor. Buddy Systems, Willian Brinks Olds Hofer Gilson & Lione, February 7, 1989: US04803625 (794 worldwide citation)

A personal health monitor includes sensors for measuring patient weight, temperature, blood pressure, and ECG waveform. The monitor is coupled to a central unit via modems and includes a computer which is programmed to prompt a patient to take prescribed medication at prescribed times, to use the se ...

Donald G Wallace, Hertsel Reihanian, Bruce B Pharriss, William G Braun: Injectable implant composition having improved intrudability. Collagen Corporation, Ciotti & Murashige Irell & Manella, February 7, 1989: US04803075 (294 worldwide citation)

Injectable aqueous suspensions of biomaterials, such as cross-linked collagen, that contain a biocompatible fluid lubricant, such as glycogen or maltose, are disclosed. The inclusion of the lubricant significantly improves the intrusion of the suspension into soft tissue.

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A method and apparatus for measuring and correlating a patient's heart activity with optical detection of the patient's blood flow. The method and apparatus permit more accurate determination of blood flow characteristics such as oxygen saturation and pulse rate. In a preferred embodiment, the heart ...

Ahmed H A G Weshahy: Methods and apparatus of applying intra-lesional cryotherapy. Arthur L Plevy, February 7, 1989: US04802475 (197 worldwide citation)

There is described a method of performing intra-lesional cryosurgery utilizing a specifically shaped tubular needle having a front piercing surface coextensive with an opening. The needle is introduced into the skin from one point and runs through deeper tissues based on the surface orientation of t ...

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Disclosed are a block-graft copolymer comprising a polymer block having a repeating unit represented by General Formula (I): ##STR1## wherein A is a side chain and represents an organopolisiloxane chain, a polyacrylate chain, a polymethacrylate chain, polydiene chain, etc.

Youji Sugahara, Hideyuki Matsumura: Automatic transaction machine. Omron Tateisi Electronics Co, Stevens Davis Miller & Mosher, February 7, 1989: US04803347 (175 worldwide citation)

Disclosed is an automatic transaction machine which normally operates in an oil-line mode with a central station. If during the course of a transaction a communications interruption occurs between the machine and central station, the transaction can be completed off-line with storage at the machine ...

Donald R Horne, John M Jeffers: Cryptographic system using interchangeable key blocks and selectable key fragments. General Instrument, James & Franklin, February 7, 1989: US04803725 (154 worldwide citation)

A cryptographic system is used for the secure transmission of digitized signals to a plurality of receivers. At the transmission end, a key consisting of two blocks, each including a plurality of key fragments, is generated. For each transmission session, different sets of key fragments may be perio ...

Gilles Whissell: Compaction device for concrete block molding machine. Robic Robic & Associates, February 7, 1989: US04802836 (150 worldwide citation)

A compaction device for a concrete block molding machine, comprising a mold formed with cells opened at the top and at the bottom, and filled with a no-slump concrete mix. The mold freely rests either on a pallet or vibrating table, which acts as bottom wall for the mold. Compaction shoes, equal in ...

John A Trine, Daryle L Petersen: Mounting bar structure for electrical signalling and indicating devices. Wilbrecht Electronics, Moore & Hansen, February 7, 1989: US04803599 (142 worldwide citation)

A mounting bar assembly for versatile positioning and orientation of indicator lights such as light emitting diodes (LED's). The mounting bars are cut to a desired length to accommodate a desired number of LED's and are cut to provide a plurality of slots at predetermined, spaced LED locations. The ...

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A roller cone rock bit is disclosed with an improved bearing system. The improvement comprises a main journal bearing which is substantially frustoconically shaped and a main roller cone bearing which is reverse shaped to mate with the journal bearing. The journal and roller cone bearings comprise p ...