Moreau Jacques Pierre, Kitchell Judith P: Delivery system.. Biomeasure, February 1, 1989: EP0301856-A2 (180 worldwide citation)

A delivery system for agents, such as therapeutic agents, or other substances includes a biodegradable polymer and the agent or substance. The delivery system is coated with a barrier substance that decreases the quantity of the agent release from the system, compared to the quantity of the agent re ...

Biermann Manfred Dr, Hill Karlheinz Dr, Wust Willi Dr, Eskuchen Rainer Dr, Wollmann Josef, Bruns Andreas Dr, Hellmann Gunter Dr, Ott Karl Heinz Dr, Winkle Walter Dr, Wollmann Klaus Dr: Process for the preparation of alkyl glycosides.. Henkel Kgaa, February 1, 1989: EP0301298-A1 (111 worldwide citation)

The process employs the transacetalisation method with butanol to give a new alkyl glycoside which is distinguished by good colour stability in alkaline medium and contains, besides a large amount of alkyl monoglycoside, also polyglycose or polyglycose and butyl glycoside.

Christou Paul, Mccabe Dennis, Swain William F, Barton Kenneth A: Particle-mediated transformation of soybean plants and lines.. Agracetus, February 1, 1989: EP0301749-A2 (83 worldwide citation)

A method and apparatus is disclosed for the genetic transformation of soybean plants and plant lines by particle mediated transformation. Foreign genes are introduced into regenerable soybean tissues by coating on carrier particles which are physically accelerated into plant tissues. The treated pla ...

Scott Alistair: Fluid treatment.. Isoworth, February 1, 1989: EP0301169-A1 (79 worldwide citation)

A carbonation method and apparatus is described in which carbonation is achieved by forcing carbon dioxide in gaseous form from an atmosphere thereof downwardly into a body of water to be carbonated. This may be achieved by a vaned rotor (3) rotatable about a horizontal axis or other means. The carb ...

Schurmann Josef H, Heinecke Gunter, Kremer Rudolf: Transponder arrangement.. Texas Instruments Deutschland, February 1, 1989: EP0301127-A1 (64 worldwide citation)

A transponder arrangement is described comprising an interrogation unit (10) which sends an RF interrogation pulse to at least one responder unit (12). The responder unit (12) then transmits back data stored therein in the form of a modulated RF carrier to the interrogation unit (10). In the respond ...

Cochran Alexander, Folland Rickworth, Nicholas James William, Robinson Melvin Edward Riddell: Improvements in and relating to packaging.. Mb Group, February 1, 1989: EP0301719-A1 (61 worldwide citation)

The present invention provides a wall for a package, which wall comprises, or includes a layer comprising, a composition comprising a polymer and having oxygen-scavenging properties, characterised in that the composition scavenges oxygen through the metal-catalysed oxidation of an oxidisable organic ...

Danieli Guido: Flexible endoscope.. Confida, February 1, 1989: EP0301288-A1 (60 worldwide citation)

A flexible endoscope comprising a handle (9), a flexible section (3), a terminal articulated length (1), at least one additional articulated length (2) between the flexible section (3) and the terminal articulated length (1), each articulated length being movable, by two pairs of wires (5I, 5II) con ...

Van Den Berg Johannes A Dr, Van Ooyen Albert J J Dr, Rietveld Krijn Dr: Kluyveromyces as a host strain.. Gist Brocades, February 1, 1989: EP0301670-A1 (55 worldwide citation)

Kluyveromyces hosts and DNA expression cassettes for use in Kluyveromyces are provided for transcription of endogenous and/or exogenous DNA, and production of peptides, for enhancing production of an endogenous product, or producing an exogenous product. The Kluyveromyces hosts find particular use f ...

Laub Glenn W: Percutaneous venous cannula for cardiopulmonary bypass.. Laub Glenn W, February 1, 1989: EP0301854-A2 (55 worldwide citation)

A cardiovascular cannula (10) for use particularly in situations requiring varying forms of cardiopulmonary bypass. The cannula (10) which can be introduced percutaneously has an expandable section (16) in proximity to drainage inlets (14). In one form of the invention the cannula (10) is introduced ...

Wilkes Andrew George, Bartholomew Alan John: Cellulosic fibre.. Courtaulds, February 1, 1989: EP0301874-A1 (54 worldwide citation)

Viscose filaments, preferably in staple fibre form, have a decitex of less than 5.0 and a multi-limbed cross-section, the limbs having a length-to-width aspect ratio of at least 2:1. Examples of multi-limbed cross-sectional shapes are Y-, X-, H- and T- shapes. The fibre can be formed into woven, non ...