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Imidazole compounds represented by general formula I: wherein: R1 represents a cyano group or a -CSNHR5 group, wherein R5 represents a hydrogen atom, a C1-4 alkyl group, or a -COR6 group, wherein R6 represents a C1-4 alkyl group, a halogenated C1-4 alkyl group, or a phenyl group; R2 and R3 each repr ...

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A digitizer system includes M digitizers, each producing a separate waveform data sequence representing a succession of instantaneous magnitudes of an input signal at sample times determined by a periodic clock signal. Transmission of the clock signal to each digitizer is delayed by a corresponding ...

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Die von ventral implantierbare Zwischenwirbel-Prothese besteht aus einem scheibenartigen Prothesenkörper (1), auf dessen Scheibenflächen wulstartige Erhebungen (2) vorgesehen sind. Die neue Prothese gewährleistet als Bandscheibenersatz eine stabile Versteifung (Arthrodese) zweier Wirbel (9) gegenein ...

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A ceramic card assembly which provides high density three dimensional semiconductor device packaging and overcomes the power distribution and thermal management problems that have impaired prior ceramic cards. The ceramic card assembly combines ceramic cards with flexible power distribution structur ...

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Apparatus for monitoring the movement of an object includes a bar code 2 having retro-reflective parts which are fixed to the object to be monitored, such as for example, a vehicle 1. The bar code 2 is arranged to be illuminated by a source of infra-red radiation 3 which is carried by the housing of ...

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Ventilator apparatus comprises a cyclically-operated reciprocating pump (2), a delivery tube (112) for delivering pressurized air to a patient, an exhalation valve assembly (130) producing breathing cycles in which the delivery tube is first connected to the patient to effect inhalation and then is ...


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The present invention is concerned with an edible plastic dispersion not having a continuous fat phase, including at least two condensed phases, at least one of which is continuous, which dispersion comprises (I) gel-forming composition (A) containing gelling agent (a) in an amount of 1-8 times the ...

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Non-hygroscopic, azithromycin (9-deoxo-9a-aza-9a-methyl-9a-homoerythromycin) dihydrate and a process therefor.

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The intervertebral prosthesis, which can be implanted from the ventral direction, consists of a disc-shaped prosthesis body (1) on whose ventral edge (3) there are tabs (4) with through openings (5) for bone screws. The new prosthesis guarantees, as an intervertebral disc replacement, a stable stiff ...