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Diagnostic mapping data representing a series of planar slices through a patient are generated by a CT or other multi-plane scanner (A) and stored in an image memory (32). To free the CT or other scanner for other patients, the mapping data and patient are transferred to a second location. At the se ...

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The present invention relates to a digital interactive communication system accessible to a plurality of subscribers who can select by means of their touch-tone telephones any of a plurality of pre-recorded video presentations representative of products and services for sale. In this system, the sub ...

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A surgical repair device having a length to width ratio of greater than one is disclosed. The device comprises a plurality of fibers. The majority of the fibers are in a direction essentially parallel to the device length.

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The present invention organizes optical fibers from a trunk cable for connection to fibers from various distribution cables. The apparatus includes a housing having a plurality of trays swingable from a storage position inside the housing to an access position in front of the housing. Each tray incl ...

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A device for use in conjunction with a pulse generator is disclosed which provides a variable pulsing rate in response to short term variations in arterial blood pressure, like the baroreceptor system of the healthy body's cardiovascular system. The system utilizes a pressure transducer implanted to ...

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For use with a public communication facility C incorporating terminals T1-TN, e.g. a telephone system, a statistical analysis system D interfaces with individual stations where a caller is prompted by voice instructions to provide digital data that is identified for positive association with the cal ...

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A glass product having high visible transmittance, low infrared transmittance, and, optionally, reduced ultraviolet transmittance is produced in a manner compatible with continuous, commercial manufacture of flat glass by employing a moderate amount of iron in the glass composition and controlling r ...

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The peptide X-Arg-Gly-Asp-R-Y wherein X is H or at least one amino acid and Y is OH or at least one amino acid, and R is an amino acid selected from Thr or Cys, or other amino acid, having the same cell-attachent activity as fibronectin and the peptide X-Arg-Gly-Asp-Ser-Y, wherein X and Y, having sa ...

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An iron type golf club head having the whole or the central part of a ball striking face thereof, which directly touches a golf ball, fabricated from a material possessing a compression Young's modulus (modules of longitudinal elasticity) lower than that of steel.

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A local area network for digital information transmission to and from each of a plurality of building units in an area, such as homes in a neighborhood is provided, wherein all connections between units are wireless. Each unit is provided with and fm transceiver station, which is connected with an e ...