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An apparatus and method for removing a target object from a body passageway. The apparatus comprises a catheter, a spiral wound coil disposed within the catheter and rotatably driven by an air actuated drive means, and a parachute basket. The spiral wound coil has a cutting tip at its distal end whi ...

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A fastener for securing bone graft between a pair of bone portions. The fastener includes a curved elongated member having a shank for extending into the bone graft and pair of bone portions. The shank has an end portion which receives a force for driving the shank into the pair of bone portions and ...

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Procedures and devices for opening restrictions, e.g., occulsions, in passageways, e.g., arteries, of living beings. The device basically comprises an elongated, flexible recanalization catheter arranged to be threaded through the passageway to the site of the restriction. The catheter includes a wo ...

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The chemically modified protein of the present invention has a strong islet-activating activity and is lower in various side effects than non-modified IAP, so that it may be employed as a prevention and therapeutic drug for diabetes.

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A non-invasive hypodermic injection device includes a two-stage gas delivery system and a medication containing ampule having a truncated hypodermic needle at one end thereof. An ampule shroud encloses the ampule and maintains separation between the truncated hypodermic needle on the ampule and the ...

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A method of and system for fixing one or more levels of the vertebrae of a spinal column. Elongated guide wires are provided for being inserted into the vertebrae. A rigid plate is provided for being placed over the vertebrae with the guide wires passing therethrough. Cannulated screws are provided ...

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A device and method for transferring data from a microprocessor located in a transaction card through a card reader by emulating a prerecorded magnetic stripe on a conventional transaction car such as a credit or debit card. Data is sequentially produced by the microprocessor within the card and app ...

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An automatic cable tie installation tool for applying discrete cable ties around bundles of wires or the like where the cable ties are provided to the tool on a continuous ribbon. The automatic tool including a dispenser mechanism that accepts the ribbon of cable ties and provides discrete cable tie ...

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A steering section for an endoscope or borescope employs a plurality of steering cables that pass through peripheral bores of axially aligned flat washers. Pairs of beads are strung on the cables between the washers to define hinge points for the bending of the steering section. Each pair of beads i ...

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A test strip is disclosed which provides for transport and separation of heterogenous fluid samples. This test strip can be used for analysis of whole blood by reflectance measurement. This test strip, which can be especially adapted for use in a disposable blood sampling fixture, comprises two func ...