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A blood clot filtration device, for implantation percutaneously, for preventing movement of blood clots within a blood vessel. The device has a head (14) and a plurality of legs (12) extending therefrom. The legs (12) include a first linear leg portion (13) of predetermined length emanating distally ...

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Peptides comprising C-terminal boronic acid derivatives of lysine, ornithine, and arginine, homoarginine and corresponding isothiouronium analogs thereof, of the formula are reversible inhibitors of trypsin-like serine proteases such as thrombin, plasma kallikrein and plasmin.

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An instrument-supporting, articulated device has a distal end capable of supporting an instrument in the region of a surgical operating site. The device has at least one joint (15) that supports a movable distal support element (10) relative to a proximal support, the being joint associated with a m ...

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An improved helmet line of sight measuring system for determining the spatial location of a helmet (1) and the line of sight of an observer wearing the helmet (8), both relative to a coordinate reference frame. A plurality of assemblies (2) of light sources are distributed on the helmet (8) each com ...

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The invention relates to a locking mechanism for locking a well tool in a well conduit (10). The locking mechanism comprises keys (13) which are radially movable relative to the axis (14) of the tool (12) and which emerge via apertures (18) made in the tool body in order to engage in the groove (11) ...

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An incubator (K1) for cell culture used in the field of biotechnology, in which a driving mechanism (5-8) for rotating a tray stock (3) for supporting a plurality of trays for cell culture is provided outside an incubator housing (1).

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Porous spheroidal silica having a particle size in the range 1 to 400 microns, axial ratios of 1:1 to 1:12 has up to 50% by weight of the SiO2 of included material, such as for example perfumes, flavouring materials, pigments, germicides, bactericides, fungicides, bleaching agents, skin benefit agen ...

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This invention relates to polypeptides that are human somatomedin carrier protein subunits and to processes for producing them. The carrier protein subunits bind to human somatomedin-like polypeptides, also known as insulin-like growth factors. The process involves preparation from a human serum fra ...

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An artificial airway device, for use in place of an endotracheal tube to facilitate lung ventilation in an unconscious patient, is in the form of a laryngeal mask comprising an airway tube (10) opening into the interior space or lumen of a mask portion (12) whose periphery (14), which may be inflata ...

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A catalyst for use in the production of acrylic acid by catalytic gas phase oxidation of acrolein, comprising active substances represented by general formula Mo(a)V(b)A(c)B(d)C(e)D(f)O(x) wherein Mo represents molybdenum, V represents vanadium, A represents at least one element selected from the gr ...