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A voice recognition system used in a telephone apparatus comprises speech input means, speech recognizing means (350a) for recognizing a speech input at the speech input means, telephone number memory means (388) for storing telephone numbers corresponding to speech inputs, and calling means for rea ...

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A device for administering solid or semisolid preparations in an organism subcutaneously. The equipment comprises a barrel (3) having a nozzle (5) for attachment of a hollow needle (4), a plunger (2) slidably arranged in the barrel and is used in combination with a guide member (15) adapted to be sn ...

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Ceramic abrasive grits are formed by an impregnation process that involves preparing an alumina hydrate sol, drying the sol to form a porous solid, crushing the solid to produce particles, calcining the dried particles, preparing a mixture of an additive metal oxide or its precursor in a liquid vehi ...

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A synthetic, crystalline, porous material containing oxides of silicon and boron is disclosed, which, in the non-calcined state, has the following empyrical formula: mM2/nO,pR,xM2O3,(1-x)B2O3,yMO2,qH2O and, in the calcined and anhydrous state, has the following empyrical formula: mM2/nO,xM2O3,(1-x)B ...

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Metal-chelating ligands having the formula or a salt thereof, wherein Y is oxygen or R1 is hydrogen C1-C10 alkyl, aryl-(C1-C10)alkyl, aryl, C1 to C10 alkoxy, hydroxyalkyl with 1 to 10 carbon atoms wherein G is NH2, NCS, NHR4,N(R4)2,CN, wherein R4 is (C1-C10)alkyl or hydroxyalkyl, with 1 to 10 carbon ...

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The end-to-end anastomosis apparatus is provided with a mounting means (17) which can receive a trocar (33) for making holes in tissue and, subsequently, an anvil shaft (13) for the mounting of an anvil assembly (16) for stapling purposes. The anvil shaft is provided with splines (47) which co-opera ...

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Absorptive articles such as catamenial napkins and disposable diapers have improved properties if the fluid-absorptive material of such articles are formed at least in part of compressed cellulose-based sponge sheet obtained by comprising cellulose-based sponge.

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An improved fiber distribution panel including fiber connecting and splicing modules (11) which are sidable into and out of a housing (10) which is formed to support a plurality of said modules. Each module (11) is provided with means (50) for supporting a fiber connector (120) at an angle with resp ...

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A process for the production of acrylic acid by the two-stage catalytic vapour-phase oxidation of propylene with molecular oxygen, the first stage for oxidising propylene to produce mainly acrolein and the second stage for oxidising acrolein to produce mainly acrylic acid. The process comprises supp ...

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A power converter device, including a plurality of self-commutated voltage type converters each connected to a common dc circuit, a plurality of transformers each having dc windings and ac windings, each of the dc windings being connected to an ac output terminal of one of the converters, respective ...