Roger A Ziecker, Bentley J Boger, Dwayne N Lewis: Adhesive spray gun and nozzle attachment. Nordson Corporation, Wood Herron & Evans, November 22, 1988: US04785996 (410 worldwide citation)

An apparatus for spraying heated hot melt adhesive in elongated strands or fibers in a controlled, spiral pattern upon a substrate comprises a spray gun having a nozzle formed with an adhesive delivery passageway and an air delivery passageway both of which terminate at the base of the nozzle. A noz ...

Lynn T Olson: Inertial mouse system. Tektronix, Daniel J Bedell, Robert S Hulse, November 22, 1988: US04787051 (398 worldwide citation)

A hand-held inertial mouse provides input data to a computer from which the computer can determine the translational and angular displacement of the mouse. The mouse includes accelerometers for producing output signals of magnitudes proportional to the translational acceleration of the mouse in thre ...

John T McLaughlin: Medication dispensing system. Pyxis Corporation, Kelly Bauersfeld & Lowry, November 22, 1988: US04785969 (343 worldwide citation)

An improved medication dispensing system is provided for controlled preprogrammed dispensing of medication to a patient and for creating a retrievable patient medication record. The system includes a dispensing unit located, for example, at patient bedside within a hospital room or the like and adap ...

Francis Muguet: Acquisition and transmission system for a recorder and a computer center. McAulay Fields Fisher Goldstein & Nissen, November 22, 1988: US04787063 (325 worldwide citation)

The invention relates to a system transmitting special signals and data between a computer center and an appliance which is able to receive and record independently video and/or audio programs produced by television or radio companies.

Curtis A Birnbach: Device for modulating and reflecting electromagnetic radiation employing electro-optic layer having a variable index of refraction. Quantum Diagnostics, Ostrolenk Faber Gerb & Soffen, November 22, 1988: US04786128 (301 worldwide citation)

A multi-layer device for modulating and reflecting light. The device is formed of an electro-optic layer with a variable index of refraction sandwiched between two other layers having a pre-determined index of refraction. An electric field applied across the electro-optic layer controls the index of ...

Donald Cohen: Apparatus for locating and ablating cardiac conduction pathways. Cordis Corporation, Tarolli Sundheim & Covell, November 22, 1988: US04785815 (247 worldwide citation)

Apparatus for locating and ablating cardiac conduction pathways is provided herein. This includes a catheter tube which carries, at its distal end, at least one electrode for sensing membrane potentials within a heart. The catheter also carries a device for ablating at least a portion of the thus lo ...

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Pharmaceutical preparation containing omeprazole together with an alkaline reacting compound or an alkaline salt of omeprazole optionally together with an alkaline compound as the core material, one or more subcoating layers comprising inert reacting compounds which are soluble or rapidly disintegra ...

Lawrence I Deckelbaum: Laser ablation process and apparatus. Yale University, Darby & Darby, November 22, 1988: US04785806 (213 worldwide citation)

A process and apparatus for ablating atherosclerotic or tumorous tissues is disclosed. Optical fibers direct low power light energy at a section of tissue to be ablated to cause the section to fluoresce. The fluorescence pattern is analyzed to determine whether the fluorescence frequency spectrum is ...

Takuo Hodama: Data processing apparatus with portable card having magnetic strip simulator. Gateway Technology, Fliesler Dubb Meyer & Lovejoy, November 22, 1988: US04786791 (212 worldwide citation)

A data card using a simulator for magnetic stripes in generating a data signal. The data signal is read by a magnetic coil, having a drive signal provided to the coil by a circuit on the card which simulates the magnetic flux reversals of the magnetic stripes.

David R Armbruster: Consolidation of partially cured resin coated particulate material. Acme Resin Corporation, November 22, 1988: US04785884 (209 worldwide citation)

A proppant composed of particulate material coated with a solid thermosetting resin that can consolidate and cure at tempertures below about 130.degree. F. An acidic catalyst in a solvent system is used to cure the resin underground.