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An improved nasal puff assembly is provided which is of particular benefit in the treatment of obstructive sleep apnea and which is characterized by a gas-delivery puff which fits only in the nose of the patient and is therefore of relatively small size and can be comfortably worn. The nasal puff of ...

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A multichip integrated circuit package comprises a substrate to which is affixed one or more integrated circuit chips having interconnection pads. A polymer film overlying and bridging integrated circuit chips present is provided with a plurality of via openings to accommodate a layer of interconnec ...

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Dual lumen dilatation catheter and method of manufacture in which the catheter shaft is formed in a plurality of sections of different stiffness to provide optimum strength and flexibility at different points along the length of the catheter.

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Markov model speech pattern templates are formed for speech analysis systems by analyzing identified speech patterns to generate frame sequences of acoustic feature signals representative thereof. The speech pattern template is produced by iteratively generating succeeding Markov model signal sets s ...

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A card and a card identifying apparatus. The card is imparted with a predetermined characteristic information in the form of an embossment pattern, a character pattern, a fingerprint pattern, a colored pattern or a combination of selected ones of these patterns, while information corresponding to th ...

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A system is disclosed for recognizing a pattern in a collection of data given a context of one or more other patterns previously identified. Preferably the system is a speech recognition system, the patterns are words and the collection of data is a sequence of acoustic frames. During the processing ...

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Disclosed is a vacuum tube type collection device for collecting blood or other body fluids from a patient. The device includes a conventional sealed vacuum tube received in a tube holder having a removable needle assembly connected to the tube holder. The characterizing feature of the device of thi ...

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Speech signals are transformed into phoneme identification signals which represent the first two positive slope durations following the maximum peak amplitude of a pitch cycle.

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A sterilization container system for sterilizing surgical instruments, having a lid secured to a base by latches. The latches are automatically disengaged when the latches' release arms are raised to form handles by which the lid can be easily and securely manipulated; while the latches are automati ...