Harold L Jackson: Paint remover. E I Du Pont de Nemours and Company, October 25, 1988: US04780235 (95 worldwide citation)

A low toxicity paint remover composition containing C.sub.1 to C.sub.4 dialkyl esters of C.sub.4 to C.sub.6 aliphatic dibasic acid, an activator, a thickener, a surfactant and at least one other organic nonhalogen-containing solvent.

Kazuaki Suzuki, Hidemi Kawai, Hideo Mizutani: Projection exposure apparatus. Nippon Kogaku, Shapiro and Shapiro, October 25, 1988: US04780747 (95 worldwide citation)

A projection exposure apparatus includes illuminating means for applying energy rays to a mask having a predetermined pattern formed thereon, a projection optical system for forming the image of the pattern in a predetermined projected state on a responsive substrate, adjusting means for correcting ...

James M Daughton, Arthur V Pohm: Magnetoresistive memory with multi-layer storage cells having layers of limited thickness. Honeywell, W T Udseth, October 25, 1988: US04780848 (93 worldwide citation)

A digital memory based on a memory cell having two magnetoresistive, ferromagnetic film portions separated by an intermediate layer, all of limited thickness. Each of the magnetoresistive film portions is less than 300 .ANG. thick and the intermediate layer is less than 100 .ANG. thick. Conductive w ...

Melvin L Cruts, Michael J Westfield: Computer data encryption system. Nightwatch, Flehr Hohbach Test Albritton & Herbert, October 25, 1988: US04780905 (93 worldwide citation)

There is disclosed a data encryption system for use in a computer system having at least one disc drive. A first memory is used for storing an encryption key and a second memory is used for storing data. Data from the second memory is logically combined with selected portions of the encryption key b ...

Frances C Saunders: Liquid crystal electro-optic modulator in a fabry-perot interferometer. The Secretary of State for Defence in Her Britannic Majesty s Government of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, Nixon & Vanderhye, October 25, 1988: US04779959 (92 worldwide citation)

An electro-optic modulator consists of a Fabry-Perot etalon containing intra-cavity liquid crystal material between mirror layers. Each mirror bears a respective rubbed polyimide layer, which provides homogeneous alignment of the liquid crystal molecules. The mirror layers are connected to a bias vo ...

George B Rabe: Sleeve to tube expander device. Foster Wheeler Energy Corporation, Marvin A Naigur, Martin Smolowitz, October 25, 1988: US04779445 (84 worldwide citation)

An elongated tool device adapted for use in installing a tubular sleeve within a tube and forming a pressure-tight seal therebetween. The tool device includes a housing having a reduced-diameter forward extension portion attached to a front cylinder, and containing a rear piston. The front cylinder ...

Enrique Juan Francisco Dede Garcia Santamaria: High frequency generator to be used in induction heating, laser, plasma and the alike. G H Industrial, Ladas & Parry, October 25, 1988: US04780803 (82 worldwide citation)

A high frequency generator is coupled to a resonant load. An inverter is swept through a range of frequencies at reduced power. The phase difference between the load current and voltage is measured. When the phase difference is at or near zero, the resonant frequency of the load is detected and the ...

Nicholas J Hrib, John G Jurcak: Arylpiperazinylalkoxy derivatives of cyclic imides. Hoechst Roussel Pharmaceuticals, Tatsuya Ikeda, October 25, 1988: US04780466 (81 worldwide citation)

There are disclosed compounds of the formula ##STR1## wherein the group A is ##STR2## where R.sub.1 and R.sub.2 are each independently hydrogen or loweralkyl, or R.sub.1 +R.sub.2 =(CH.sub.2).sub.m, m being 2 to 6, p is 1 or 2, and each X is independently hydrogen, loweralkyl, loweralkoxy, halogen, h ...

Paul H Hanifl, John J Newton Jr, Donald J Mosior: Sharps disposal container. Sage Products, Lee & Smith, October 25, 1988: US04779728 (81 worldwide citation)

A disposal container particularly adapted for hospital use and comprising a hollow container body having a slot at the top to permit access to the interior of the container body and having a barrier disposed adjacent the slot for restricting access to the interior of the container body. The barrier ...

Scott J Daly, Majid Rabbani, Cheng Tie Chen: Digital image compression and transmission system visually weighted transform coefficients. Eastman Kodak Company, Thomas H Close, October 25, 1988: US04780761 (76 worldwide citation)

A system for compressing and transmitting a digital image signal over a limited bandwidth communication channel, transform codes the image values and quantizes the transform coefficients according to a two-dimensional model of the sensitivity of the human visual system. The model of the human visual ...