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Physiological frequency control of a heart pacemaker having a stimulating electrode is accomplished by providing an oxygen measuring electrode and placing it in the body tissue, loading the oxygen measuring electrode with stimulating pulses in parallel with the stimulating electrode, measuring the p ...

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A method for successive alignment of each of a plurality of chip patterns regularly arranged on a substrate to a reference position comprises moving the substrate so as to successively make selected chip patterns correspond to the reference position in accordance with design data representative of t ...

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An implantable axial flow blood pump maximizes the blood flow while minimizing the dimensions of the pump. By magnetically suspending a rotor of relatively small diameter coaxially in a cylindrical blood conduit of substantially larger inner diameter, an adequate flow area through the pump is provid ...

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An apparatus for storing and releasing information contains at least one reading device for reading codings arranged upon, or associated with, saleable goods. Also provided is a storage unit for storing information and a corresponding output unit. The apparatus offers to users, in department stores ...

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A system for remotely controlling multiple light strings to achieve a wide variety of visual effects including, on the same string, variations in color, blink rate, and brightness.