Jung Christophe, Jung Jean: Medicament, dietary product and hygienic product in the form of a powdery composition obtained by adsorption of the active agents on a rapidly dissolving sugar, and process for the preparation of this composition.. Rech Inf Pharmacie Sarl, October 19, 1988: EP0287488-A1 (44 worldwide citation)

The active agents to be absorbed are dissolved beforehand in an organic solvent. The medicament contains at least one medicinal active agent adsorbed at the outer and/or inner surface of particles of an instant sugar which is very rapidly soluble in water.

Marquez Victor E, Driscoll John S, Tseng Christopher Kuo Hou: Acid stable dideoxynucleosides active against the cytopathic effects of human immunodeficiency virus.. Us Commerce, October 19, 1988: EP0287313-A2 (40 worldwide citation)

2'3,'-dideoxynucleosides which are effective in inhibiting the infectivity of the human immunodeficiency virus and which are stable in an acidic environment are disclosed, which compounds conform to the formula: wherein X is selected from the group consisting of hydrogen, F, CN, N3 and NO2; Y is eit ...

Masashi Dasai: Lubricating oil composition.. Idemitsu Kosan Co, October 19, 1988: EP0286996-A2 (38 worldwide citation)

A lubricating oil composition comprising: (A) a base oil having a naphthene content of at least 30%, an aromatic content of not more than 2%, and a kinematic viscosity at 100 DEG C of 1.5 to 30 cSt; and (B) 0.01 to 5% by weight based on the total weight of the composition of a friction modifier. Thi ...

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A 2-phenoxypyrimidine derivative having the formula: wherein R is a formyl group or -COOR wherein R is a hydrogen atom, a lower alkyl group, a 2-methylsulfonylethyl group, a diethoxypropyl group, a lower alkenyl group, a lower alkynyl group, a haloalkyl group, a haloalkenyl group, an alkoxyalkyl gro ...

Ahr Nicholas Albert, Pierce William G: Absorbent garment having a waist belt attachment system.. Procter & Gamble, October 19, 1988: EP0287388-A2 (34 worldwide citation)

An integral disposable absorbent garment, such as a disposable diaper (20) or incontinent brief, having an integral belt segment (72) on each side of the garment. The integral belt segments (72), in association with a receiving or attachment means (62), are intended to hold or suspend the garment ab ...

King Richard Trevor: Card operated vending machine.. Sankey Vending, October 19, 1988: EP0287367-A1 (34 worldwide citation)

A machine primarily for renting articles, e.g. video cassettes by the use of a club card and in which there is provided a memory (29) in which is recorded a card credit or a credit limit for a user of the machine when the user first passes the club card through a card reader on the machine, renting ...

Torres Zaragoza Vicente M: Method and device for producing the whitening of live teeth with pathological and normal colorations.. Torres Zaragoza Vicente M, October 19, 1988: EP0286766-A1 (34 worldwide citation)

A method and a device are described for producing the whitening of live teeth with pathological and normal colorations, destined to whitening any tooth with normal colour and furthermore eliminating the pathological coloration produced by aetiologies of different origen. The whitening of the teeth ( ...

Schaeffer Michel, Doucet Didier, Bonnemain Bruno, Meyer Dominique: Cyclic ligands containing nitrogen, metal complexes formed by these ligands, diagnostic compositions containing them and process for their preparation.. Guerbet, October 19, 1988: EP0287465-A1 (33 worldwide citation)

Ligands and complexes of the title and the applications of these complexes in magnetic resonance imaging, in X-ray radiology and as in-vivo chemical shift agents.

Kross Robert D, Zamojcin Carol A: Disinfecting compositions.. Alcide, October 19, 1988: EP0287074-A2 (33 worldwide citation)

There is disclosed, in one aspect, a composition for forming a protective barrier while disinfecting substrates such as human or animal skin. The composition comprises two gels adapted to be simultaneously applied and mixed in situ and to adhere onto the substrate. The first gel comprises an aqueous ...

Hadley Michael Stewart Beecham, Wyman Paul Adrian Beecham Phar, Orlek Barry Sidney Beecham Pha: Novel compounds.. Beecham Group, October 19, 1988: EP0287356-A2 (32 worldwide citation)

A compound of formula (I) or a pharmaceutically acceptable salt thereof: in which X represents R1OOC- in which R1 is C1-4 alkyl, C2-4 alkenyl or C2-4 alkynyl; R2O- in which R2 is C1-2 alkyl, C1-2 alkylcarbonyl or aminocarbonyl optionally substituted by one or two methyl groups; a group in which Y re ...