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An electrode assembly for polarographic assay of glucose in solution having a laminated membrane, the outer membrane being from l to 20 m thick and having a pore size of 10 to 125 A, the inner membrane having a thickness of 2 to 4 m, and bonded to the outer membrane with immobilized glucose oxidase. ...

Ball Granville Charles: Closable bag. Ball Granville Charles, October 12, 1988: GB2203127-A (105 worldwide citation)

A lay-flat bag or sack, e.g. for refuse, of plastics sheet material having gussets 2 at both sides folded inwardly, the top and bottom edges 4, 3 of said bag having complementary arcuate configurations, the side gussets being trapped in the folded position by the bottom closure 3, the top of said ba ...

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An electric apparatus for medical diagnosis is provided, placed inside a case and including a central module capable of controlling the electrocardiograms, different pulmonary functions, phono-mecano-cardiographies and auscultations, blood pressure and liminal audiometry, having keys and inputs requ ...

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An alcohol compound is produced by reducing a carboxylic acid or an ester thereof with an alcohol in the presence of a solid catalyst. The catalyst includes a hydrous metal oxide belonging to Group IV of the Periodic Table.

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Acyl derivatives of the general formula in which A signifies a group of the general formulae -NHCO-, -NHCONHCO-, -NHCOCH=CH-, wherein R represents hydrogen or lower alkyl; R and R in each case signify hydrogen or a protecting group, X signifies hydrogen, halogen, lower alkoxy. nitro or an additional ...

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A tissue disintegrator is described and is adapted for use with an endoscope for the surgical removal of tissue. The disintegrator comprises a cutter blade (20) mounted at the end of an elongated drive shaft (16) the other end of which is connected to means for rotating the drive shaft (16). The dri ...

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Novel compounds which are 2,6-di-t-butylphenols substituted in the 4 position by a carbamyl or acylamino group, which carbamyl or acylamino group is substituted by a group which includes an acidic substituent are useful as inhibitors of leukotriene biosynthesis and as antiallergic agents. Pharmacolo ...

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The invention relates to a novel assay for the determination of entities having biological activity and to a device for carrying out such determinations. The assay is a very sensitive one and quantities in the picogram per millimeter range can be determined. The assay is based on chrono-coulometric ...

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An apparatus for wet cleaning floor or wall surfaces comprises one or more cylindrical brushes (12) which may be rotated by a motor (13) so that they are throwing liquid and dirt from the floor or wall surface on to a rotating cylinder (15) or a moving endless belt. Liquid and dirt is continuously r ...

Carter William A: Treatment of human viral infection by dsrna combined with viral inhibitors.. Hem Res, October 12, 1988: EP0286224-A2 (51 worldwide citation)

Synergistic combinations of dsRNAs and anti-viral agents in the treatment of viral diseases indicates dsRNA, especially mismatched dsRNA, plays a powerful and versatile role as a core drug in combination therapy for human viral pathogens, notably for ARC and AIDS.