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An expandable intraluminal vascular graft is expanded within a blood vessel by an angioplasty balloon associated with a catheter to dilate and expand the lumen of a blood vessel. The graft may be a wire mesh tube, having a biologically inert coating thereon.

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A chemical selective sensor system utilizes admittance modulated to detect the presence of chemicals or chemical species in a fluid. The sensor system includes a film or membrane adapted to pass ions when selected chemicals which are to be detected are present at the membrane surface. The membrane i ...

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A method for the electro-thermal and electrochemical underground conversion of coal into oil and by-products comprises the steps of inserting an underground probe into a bore hole until the probe is in close proximity to a coal seam. A mixture of air, steam, an electrolyte and a suitable catalyst is ...

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A recharge docking system for a battery-powered mobile robot which senses when the battery charge is below a predetermined level and halts the travel of the robot at its next navigational node, following which the robot independently plots and negotiates a path from the next node back to a base node ...

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A method and apparatus for measuring the flying height of a slider supporting a magnetic transducer in-situ in a direct manner in an operational magnetic disk storage system. The method and apparatus produce relative motion between the magnetic transducer and a magnetic recording medium at a first v ...

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A modular femoral internal implant system for use in the treatment of femoral disorders resulting from injury, disease or congenital defect includes at least three interconnectable components: (1) an elongated epiphyseal/metaphyseal implant, (2) an intramedullary rod and (3) an angled side plate hav ...

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Spacers are formed having widths that vary as a function of the spacing between the mandrels upon which the conformal material that defines the spacers is deposited and etched. As the spacing between adjacent mandrels decreases, the width of the resulting spacers decreases. The correlation between m ...

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This invention introduces a new class of devices for detecting the presence of biological molecules. The construction principle of the device involves the direct introduction of small monomers of macromolecules into the surface layer of a semiconductor, for example by doping at the gate-area of a fi ...

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The bone nail is provided with a tapered portion having a barbed denticulation and a conical head which has a conical shaped depression at the proximal end for receiving a centering cone of the setting and driving instrument. The instrument carries a movable sleeve at the distal end for engaging and ...

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A monolayer diamond tool is made by coating diamond abrasive particles with a carbide-forming metal and then brazing the coated diamond to a tool substrate.