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A multimode video merchandiser system utilizes two levels of inductive learning to derive rules for selecting the sequence in which images of products stored on a videodisc are presented on a video monitor to a user. The first level of inductive learning generates rules from market survey based, con ...

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The present invention relates to an improved voice control system which is designed to be adaptable to existing computers so that the existing computers may be operated through the use of voice commands. In the preferred embodiment, the present invention is connected into the existing keyboard contr ...

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A method for playing a side game in connection with a bingo game includes providing a flash board displaying a plurality of numbers in mutually perpendicular rows and columns. A plurality of tickets having a first face and a second face are provided. A column of numbers that is displayed on the seco ...

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A catheter is provided with a lumen which extends along most of the length of the catheter and then curves outwardly to terminate in a port for the passage of guide wires and catheters through the lumen into branch arteries.

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An n-type microcrystalline semiconductor alloy material including a band gap widening element; a method of fabricating p-type microcrystalline semiconductor alloy material including a band gap widening element; and electronic and photovoltaic devices incorporating said n-type and p-type materials.

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A prosthetic ligament for implantation between at least two bones and which takes the form of a tubular body made of woven flexible material through which tissue ingrowth can take place after implantation. A cord is attached to one end of the ligament to thread and to pull the ligament through chann ...

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A liquid crystal device comprising a first base plate which has projections thereon and has been subjected to a uniaxial orientation treatment, a second base plate disposed oppositely spaced from the first base plate with the projections therebetween as spacers, and a liquid crystal disposed between ...

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Cube-corner retroreflective article having improved divergence profiles. The three lateral reflecting faces of the cube-corner retroreflective elements are formed by three intersecting sets of parallel V-shaped grooves, and at least one of the sets includes, in a repeating pattern, at least two groo ...

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An ultrasonic imaging agent is formed by subjecting an aqueous protein solution to high frequency sonication while heating the solution sufficiently to denature portions of the protein, thereby forming a dispersion of microbubbles stabilized by denatured protein. In a preferred embodiment, the prote ...

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Stiffened dilation catheter and method of manufacturing the same. The catheter has a relatively stiff proximal end portion formed by bonding a relatively stiff tubular member coaxially within the proximal end portion of a relatively soft outer tubular member. The outer tubular member has a distensib ...