Charles D Ray, Terry P Corbin: Prosthetic disc and method of implanting. CeDaR Surgical, Moore & Hansen, September 20, 1988: US04772287 (763 worldwide citation)

By implanting two prosthetic disc capsules side-by-side into a damaged disc of a human spine, both height and motion, including front-to-back bending, can be maintained. The prosthetic disc capsules have an outer layer of strong, inert fibers intermingled with a bioresorbable material which attracts ...

Michael J Horzewski, Richard L Mueller Jr: Perfusion type balloon dilatation catheter, apparatus and method. Advanced Cardiovascular Systems, Fulwider Patton Rieber Lee & Utecht, September 20, 1988: US04771777 (345 worldwide citation)

Perfusion-type balloon dilatation apparatus having a guiding catheter with proximal and distal extremities and with a flow passage extending therethrough. A balloon dilatation catheter is disposed in the guiding catheter. The balloon dilatation catheter is comprised of a flexible elongate tubular me ...

LeRoy E Groshong: Catheter dilator/sheath assembly and method. Catheter Technology, Lynn G Foster, September 20, 1988: US04772266 (319 worldwide citation)

Dilator/sheath assemblies for unstressed placement of catheter tubes into a body cavity of medical patients, which insure a stable axial relationship between concentrically superimposed sheath and dilator so that use is very facile for the medical attendent and insures a predetermined two-step gentl ...

E Marlowe Goble, W Karl Somers: Ligament attachment method and apparatus. E Marlowe Goble, M Reid Russell, September 20, 1988: US04772286 (319 worldwide citation)

The invention provides a system for surgically implanting an allograft or prosthetic ligament as a replacement for a patient's cruciate ligaments. In a practice of the system, as a replacement for an anterior cruciate ligament, the patient's leg is bent and maintained at approximately a ninety degre ...

Mohammad Farooque: Apparatus and method for methanol production using a fuel cell to regulate the gas composition entering the methanol synthesizer. Energy Research Corporation, Robin Blecker & Daley, September 20, 1988: US04772634 (249 worldwide citation)

Methanol production is realized by utilizing a fuel cell to control the gas composition of the synthesis gas stream being fed to the methanol synthesizer.

John B Simpson, Hanson S Gifford III, Kenneth A Stenstrom: Motor drive unit. Devices for Vascular Intervention, Flehr Hohbach Test Albritton & Herbert, September 20, 1988: US04771774 (223 worldwide citation)

Motor drive unit for use with an atherectomy device having a flexible drive cable and a finger operated member for advancing and retracting the drive cable. The drive unit comprises a motor and a power supply mounted in a case of a size which fits comfortably in a human hand, with a power switch pos ...

Daniel D Von Hoff, John G Kuhn, Paul W Leighton, Howard M Wakeman: Intramedullary catheter. Board of Regents The University of Texas System, Arnold White & Durkee, September 20, 1988: US04772261 (199 worldwide citation)

An intramedullary catheter is provided which is attached to a bone to permit the infusion of drugs, fluids, or the like, directly into the bone marrow for subsequent dispersion to the vascular system. The present invention contemplates an intramedullary catheter, method of implanting such a catheter ...

Arabel J Stengel: Raincoat for hanging plants. W C Tupman, September 20, 1988: US04771573 (182 worldwide citation)

A cover for a flower pot, especially a hanging pot, which is capable of covering the sides and bottom of the pot. When watering the plant, any surplus water is collected within the cover, which is then drained through a tube projecting from the bottom thereof. The cover may be provided with a water ...

Robert J Mical: Cursor controller user interface system. Commodore Amiga, Finnegan Henderson Farabow Garrett & Dunner, September 20, 1988: US04772882 (167 worldwide citation)

Menu item selection is performed in a personal computer system through the use of a mouse device which has means to allow the user to call up onto the display a header block which performs the function of the menu bar and to erase the header block from the screen when menu operations are not require ...

Robert G Hunsperger, Andrew J Maltenfort: Optical wavelength division multiplexing/demultiplexing system. University of Delaware, Connolly and Hutz, September 20, 1988: US04773063 (167 worldwide citation)

A wavelength division method and system employing a radiation transmissive planar waveguide provided with collimating and focusing lenses and with a periodic radiation transmissive diffraction grating incorporating radiation reflecting elements in spaced array, preselected, in demultiplexing service ...

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