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The novel pen body construction described herein includes multiple ink storage compartments communicating with a multi-orifice printhead, and these compartments are adapted to receive sections of ink-storage foam. Preferably, this foam is a reticulated polyurethane foam of controlled porosity and ca ...

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Ceramic abrasive grits comprising alpha alumina and at least about 0.5 percent by weight yttria are prepared by mixing an aqueous dispersion of alpha alumina monohydrate and yttrium compound, gelling the resultant mixture, drying the gel to produce a dried solid, crushing the dried material to produ ...

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A packet communications network and apparatus for communicating information in voice and data packets transmits and receives voice and data in accordance with standardized frames of a standardized communications format such as a standard DS-1 type trunk. An apparatus is coupled to multiplex standard ...

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A probe apparatus for use with an optical oximeter is disclosed. A pair of light emitting diodes emit light of known narrow wavelengths through an appendage of a patient onto a photosensor. A resistor of coded known resistance is used to enable the oximeter to calculate the co-efficient of extinctio ...

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A building panel providing for structural and insulating integrity between adjacent modular construction panels is formed from two sheets of thin metal bonded to a styrofoam core. One longitudinal edge of the panel has a first pair of shaped ramp and groove interlock elements with a shaped wedge of ...

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A pair of running shoes provided with a housing at the heel thereof, into one of which an electronic device is removably mounted. The electronic device comprises a normally open inertia switch for producing a footstrike count, an oscillator crystal for providing a stopwatch function, a sound generat ...

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A cellular mobile radio communication (e.g. telephone) system (hereinafter referred to as a private cellular system, PCS) that does not have the constraint of being a well defined, pre-planned system. The present invention differs from previous systems largely by the fact that it does not have to be ...

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A card shuffler has a plurality of vertically stacked mixing pockets for holding cards. A first vertically traveling elevator holding cards to be shuffled distributes cards one at a time in sequence to the mixing pockets in accordance with a first distribution schedule. A second vertically traveling ...

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A wafer transfer mechanism used for transferring wafers between cassettes and a boat uses sensors to detect and to measure any offset of the actual center of each wafer being transferred with respect to the expected or precalibrated center of that wafer. An appropriate adjustment is made to effectiv ...

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The present invention provides an improved anaesthetic scavenging face mask having a scavenging channel running along the perimeter of the mask. The mask is provided with an anaesthetic gas inlet and a vacuum outlet. The scavenging channel is connected to the vacuum outlet.