David T Green: Surgical fastener applying apparatus. United States Surgical Corporation, Kenyon & Kenyon, August 30, 1988: US04767044 (539 worldwide citation)

Apparatus for substantially simultaneously applying a plurality of surgical fasteners to body tissue includes means for preventing all of the fasteners from reaching peak formation force at the same time in order to reduce the maximum force required to operate the apparatus.

Jack R Taub, Michael T Hills: Education utility. National Information Utilities Corporation, Kenyon & Kenyon, August 30, 1988: US04768087 (250 worldwide citation)

A system for distributing educational information in digital form to a plurality of schools simultaneously transmits the information via a satellite (15) to FM stations (18) which retransmit to schools having receivers for receiving the information and a main computer (101) for storing the informati ...

Francis G Hutchinson: Continuous release pharmaceutical compositions. Imperial Chemical, Cushman Darby & Cushman, August 30, 1988: US04767628 (246 worldwide citation)

Pharmaceutical compositions, comprising a polylactide and a pharmacologically active, acid stable polypeptide, which when placed in an aqueous physiological environment release the polypeptide at an approximately constant rate in an essentially monophasic manner, with a minimal, or no induction peri ...

Lester F Benjamin, Gopalan Krishnamurthy, Jouke N Rypkema: Restrictive access control system. Zenith Electronics Corporation, August 30, 1988: US04768229 (231 worldwide citation)

A restrictive access control system includes a 3-state switch for controlling the operating mode of the system and limiting tuning access to only designated channels. Tuning information is provided to a microprocessor via a control panel keyboard for storage in a nonvolatile memory and for subsequen ...

William L Cleveland, Bernard F Erlanger: Protein-free culture medium. Columbia University in the City of New York, Oblon Fisher Spivak McClelland & Maier, August 30, 1988: US04767704 (227 worldwide citation)

A trace element mixture suitable for use in a protein-free tissue culture medium, which comprises water-soluble compounds selected from acids, bases, and salts containing copper, iron, zinc, manganese, silicon, molybdenum, vanadium, nickel, tin, aluminum, silver, barium, bromine, cadmium, cobalt, ch ...

Heinz Kretschmer, Christian Lietar, Gerhard Lindae, Richard Loewe, Jean Francois Longchamp, Rainer Neumann, Eckhard Noelte, Peter Perthus: Headlight arrangement for vehicles. Robert Bosch, Michael J Striker, August 30, 1988: US04768135 (209 worldwide citation)

A headlight arrangement for vehicles, particularly for power vehicles, comprises a light source with a light reflector forming a light beam which illuminates a roadway with a predetermined light distribution, and at least one adjustable element for changing the light distribution.

Robert T Dunlap, Richard A Lang: Video cassette recorder having dual decks for selective simultaneous functions. Go Video, Jerry Cohen, Harvey Kaye, August 30, 1988: US04768110 (197 worldwide citation)

A video cassette recorder and taping system is disclosed in which two video cassette decks are included within a single housing. Selection switches are provided so that a prerecorded tape may be displayed from a tape located in one video cassette unit deck while one of a plurality of inputs is being ...

David C Faecke: Method of recovering viscous oil from reservoirs with multiple horizontal zones. Mobil Oil Corporation, Alexander J McKillop, Michael G Gilman, Stanislaus Aksman, August 30, 1988: US04766958 (195 worldwide citation)

There is disclosed a method of recovering viscous oil from a subterranean viscous oil-containing formation separated into at least one upper and at least one lower zone by a horizontal layer having lower vertical permeability than the rest of the reservoir. The method comprises injecting steam into ...

Joseph Kost, Drora Levy, Robert S Langer: Ultrasound enhancement of transdermal drug delivery. Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Patrea L Pabst, August 30, 1988: US04767402 (181 worldwide citation)

The present invention is a method using ultrasound to enhance permeation of molecules through the skin and into the blood stream, at a controlled rate. Depending on the drug being infused through the skin, the rate of permeation is increased as well as the efficiency of transfer. Drugs which may not ...

Charles B Clupper, Robert J Mathews: Data acquisition device. U S Computer Systems, Phillips Moore Lempio & Finley, August 30, 1988: US04768228 (172 worldwide citation)

An apparatus for receiving, detecting and storing a series of discrete bits of data transmitted in conjunction with a video signal wherein only a portion of the transmitted data is read and saved.