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An electrosurgical device for use in the treatment of tissue, particularly in the esophageal and anal regions of the body. The device comprises a multipolar probe body sized for passage into and within a body cavity whose tissue is to be treated without the aid of an endoscope. The probe body includ ...

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A microprocessor controlled system for monitoring, storing and periodically reporting on data pertinent to the commercial operation of a reporting system, such as a soft drink vending machine, to a central data collection and monitoring computer, and which periodically reports such data over a telep ...

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A transaction card is disclosed capable of authorizing a transaction in a foreign currency. The subject transaction card includes an internal microprocessor which is connected to a memory. Stored within the memory is a transaction limit associated with each account of the cardholder. Also stored in ...

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An information retrieval system is disclosed which provides for user stations and disk readers or tape players. The storage units, such as video disks or cassettes, may be stored oriented vertically in a storage rack. One or more servo-arms on a carriage move along a track to retrieve disks from the ...

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A wrapped roll of coins in which the wrapper comprises a flexible substrate. The wrapper has pressure sensitive adhesive on its inner surface which can be selectively cleanly released from the coins. And a process for applying and removing the wrapper.

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A pharmaceutical composition is prepared wherein a biologically active conjugated protein which is .beta.-interferon, interleukin-2, or an immunotoxin is dissolved in an aqueous carrier medium without the presence of a solubilizing agent. The unconjugated protein, which is not water-soluble or not r ...

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A system and method for writing a policy insuring against the occurrence of a specified weather condition. Historical data of weather conditions is accumulated and stored in a computer memory. When a policy is to be written, information identifying the amount A of the policy, the weather condition a ...


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Base radio stations are spatially arranged in a radio transmission system in accordance with a cellular system, separating the message transmission channels from adjacent base stations being effected either by using the frequency-division multiplex method or by using the code-division multiplex meth ...

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An electro-optical communication device which includes a light transmissive conduit integrally formed to interconnect a light emitter and a light detector. The length over which the light transmissive conduit extends is substantially greater than the size of either the light emitter or the light det ...