John C Jaeger: Surgical instrument with adjustable angle of operation. Lalos & Keegan, August 16, 1988: US04763669 (627 worldwide citation)

A surgical instrument for obtaining biopsies, performing microsurgery and bipolar microelectrocautery. The instrument head includes opposing jaw members which open and close during the operating procedures. The angle of the instrument head relative to the instrument frame is adjustable to effectivel ...

Daniel R Bergeron: On-line wagering system with programmable game entry cards. GTECH Corporation, Steele Gould & Fried, August 16, 1988: US04764666 (543 worldwide citation)

An on-line wagering system with programmable game entry cards including cards having on-card data storage for value tokens and data uniquely related to the player. The player cards are operable as payment means in which the tokens are spent and as play validation and play entry means in lieu of mark ...

Peter J Webb: Spinal fixation. Hall Myers & Rose, August 16, 1988: US04763644 (281 worldwide citation)

A spinal scoliosis fixation implant comprises a plurality of devices which are associated with respective vertebrae and which are interconnected by a single semi-rigid wire, or by a cable with abutment ferrules. Each device may comprise a bone screw or hook with a slotted, externally threaded head i ...

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The present invention relates to a redox electric element circuit formed by using oxidation-reduction substance such as electron-transport protein or the like. Oxidation-reduction substance arranged between redox electric elements and the like is inactivated by energy beam irradiation to form insula ...

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The unitary flexible and disposable electrode belt and method is for receiving and transmitting electric current or voltage for use on the body of a patient. The belt has a unitary layered body structure that is releasably secured to the patient. The belt device body structure has a terminal end tha ...

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A dental impression kit to assist the dentist or a dental technician in the making of dental impressions preparatory to the formation of a mold and the manufacture of a crown or full or partial dentures. The kit contains a compact and orderly arranged array of items necessary or desirable in formati ...

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Buccal dosage forms for transmucosal administration of drugs comprise a pharmaceutical compound dispersed in an erodible matrix comprising

Tiong C Go: High density electronic package comprising stacked sub-modules. Irvine Sensors Corporation, Thomas J Plante, August 16, 1988: US04764846 (205 worldwide citation)

A high density electronic package is disclosed in which a stack of layer-like sub-modules have their edges secured to a stack-carrying substrate, the latter being in a plane perpendicular to the planes in which the sub-modules extend. Each sub-module has a cavity, inside which one or more IC chips a ...

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Ion implantation into surfaces of three-dimensional targets is achieved by forming an ionized plasma about the target within an enclosing chamber and applying a pulse of high voltage between the target and the conductive walls of the chamber. Ions from the plasma are driven into the target object su ...

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A method and article for medical diagnosis and/or treatment of body disorders, comprising a sleeve unit insertable in a natural body vessel to isolate material flowing into the vessel from direct contact with the interior surface of the vessel.