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This invention relates to a graft for use in reconstructive surgery to repair damaged tissue, such as bone tissue, cartilage tissue, vascular tissue or nerve tissue. According to the invention the graft is characterized by a porous matrix of an organic polymeric material having a bi-porous structure ...


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An aerosol delivery article is capable of producing substantial quantities of smoke, both initially and over the useful lifetime of the product, without significant thermal degradation of the aerosol former and without the presence of substantial pyrolysis or incomplete combustion products or sidest ...

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Guiding catheter assembly (11) adapted to be inserted into a vessel having a first guiding catheter (12) and a second guiding catheter (13) removably disposed within the first guiding catheter (12). The second guiding catheter (13) has a length so that it extends beyond the distal extremity of the f ...

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Between two anchoring elements (4, 5), the new joint endoprosthesis (3) consists of a compressible, elastic hollow body (6), which delimits a closed hollow cavity (7). This hollow cavity (7) is filled with a free-flowing, non-compressible medium (8), for example with a fluid tolerated by the body. W ...

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The spherical granules having a core coated with spraying powder containing a drug and low substituted hydroxypropylcellulose, because of their excellent hardness, can be coated further evenly, (e.g. sustained release coating, gastric coating, enteric coating), and at the time the granules are excel ...

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In a disk file device comprising; a stocker (2) for accommodating a plurality of cartridges (4) each holding a disk; a cartridge displacing mechanism (21) with a cartridge receiving container (13) for passing a cartridge (4) through an opening (16) formed in the casing (1); and a carrier (6) for mov ...

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A pulsed droplet ink jet printer has at least one channel (24) communicating with a nozzle (40). The side wall (30) of the channel is formed as a shear mode piezo-electric actuator. Electrodes (38, 39) applied to the actuator enable an electric field to be applied such that the actuator moves in the ...

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A blood substitute and plasma expander comprising a cross-linked, substantially endotoxin-free homoglobin solution and process for preparing same. The process comprises fractionating whole blood, separating out a stromal-free, sterile hemoglobin solution, chromatographically separating endotoxins fr ...

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This method of cleaning a teat (3) of a female animal makes use of a cup (1) provided with an opening (7) for flushing washing and/or rinsing agent along said teat (3). Preferably this method is included in automatic milking equipment.