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Disclosed is a method and apparatus for treatment of hypertrophy of the prostate gland. The apparatus comprises an expansion catheter having an expandable tubular stent associated therewith, adapted for transurethral insertion via the external opening of the urethra and placement within a stenotic r ...

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A dilatation catheter, in particular for expanding constrictions in coronary vessels, includes a balloon (2) capable of being enlarged by injecting a fluid through a tube (3). The tube (3) is arranged laterally offset from a segment of flexible tubing (7) by which a passage (8) for a guide wire (1) ...

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A switched integrated wideband and narrowband multiservices digital network (FIGS. 1 and 2) is an ISDM providing universal information services based on wideband and narrowband voice, data, and video communications. It comprises a plurality of service areas (100, 101), each served by a central switc ...

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A helical balloon is attached to the distal end of a catheter to serve when inflated as a therapeutic tool for the removal of blood clots and as a diagnostic tool for physical measurements and the application of treatment and other materials.

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A personal computer connected to a display and touch screen panel is provided with a form entry system integrated therewith. The form entry system is adapted to display a predefined form and to automatically display a predefined tool, such as a keyboard, menu, calculator, etc., to facilitate inputti ...

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Measurements of the times of flight of sound waves can be used to determine temperature in a gas contained in a long tube which confines sound waves. Sound pulses are transmitted and received by a suitable loud speaker attached to one end of the long tube. A number of stubs or other discontinuities ...

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A method and an arrangement are disclosed for providing a nationwide dial-a-view service in which a caller desiring a given viewing selection dials an "800" dial-a-view number for ordering that selection through the telephone networking arrangement. The arrangement includes local and toll switching ...

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An adjunct call manager unit connects to a station set port of a telephone communication system and receives button identification and status signals to determine line, agent, and feature activation status of the system. In response to one or more of the received status signals, commands are sent to ...

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A remote manipulator for radiation cells and the like. This device is an all electric manipulator for hazardous environments to follow the basic movements of the operator but to provide features to provide extended use of the manipulator beyond the capabilities of the operator when necessary or desi ...

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An improved high density packaging system for interconnecting integrated circuit devices includes a tin alloy lead frame sandwiched between two multi-layer glass/epoxy substrates encapsulated in an injection molded plastic/epoxy package. Integrated circuit devices are mounted on the top of the upper ...