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A catalyst is prepared by combining a first compound consisting of a bis(cyclopentadienyl)metal compound having one of the following general formulae: 1. (A-Cp)MX1X2 2. (A-Cp)M @@@@'2 3. (A-Cp)ML 4. (Cp*)(Cp @@@X1 Wherein: M is a metal selected from the Group consisting of titanium, zirconium and ha ...

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A catalyst is prepared by combining a bis(cyclopentadienyl)zirconium compound which may be represented by one of the following general formulae: (A-Cp)MX1X2 (A-Cp)MX'1X'2 (A-Cp)ML; and (Cp*)(CpR)MX1 wherein: M is a metal selected from the Group consisting of titanium (Ti), zirconium (Zr) and hafnium ...

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The invention relates to a thickened aqueous composition incorporating an amine or diamine, carrying at least one nitrogen linked hydrocarbon group which represents a saturated or unsaturated linear or branched alkyl group having at least 10 carbon atoms and preferably 16-24 carbon atoms or an aryl, ...

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A service and entertainment system for transmitting a plurality of video signals, audio signals and television game software signals from a central transmitting apparatus (100, 200) to each of a plurality of terminal units (30), which may be mounted at respective passenger seats in a passenger vehic ...

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An electronic calendaring method for use in a data processing system that comprises a plurality of interactive type work stations (terminals or personal computers) connected directly or indirectly to a host processor. The method assists a calendar owner who receives a notice at his work station requ ...

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The precursor protein of "amyloid plaque core" (APC) polypeptide, fragments of the precursor protein and the diagnostic use of the precursor protein or the fragments are described. The DNA coding for the precursor protein, fragments of this DNA and the diagnostic use of the DNA or the fragments is a ...

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A disposable diaper (10) comprising an absorbent core (14) that is encased between a liquid pervious topsheet (12) and a liquid impervious (16) backsheet, elasticized leg openings, and a fastening device (52) for securing the diaper on a wearer. The fastening device (52) comprises a first member (53 ...

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In a radiotelephone, the smart card is pushed or inserted into a compartment on the back, which may be hinged if necessary. Contact is established automatically when the lid is closed, in such a way that wear is minimised.

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A bag-in-box (6) having at least two bags (8, 9) housed in an external box (7). The two bags (8, 9) comprises first and second bags each formed of sheet-like material and flexible. The first bag (8) serves as a container for containing a content therein and the second bag (9) serves as a pressing me ...

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4-Aza-5-alpha-8(14)-17 substituted-androsten-3-ones having an 8(14), 7(8), or 16(17) double bond, optionally also having a 1(2) double bond, processes for their preparation, pharmaceutical compositions contaning them and their use in therapy as inhibitors of steroid 5-alpha-reductase.