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An artificial disc for a human spine. The disc has upper and lower members hinged together at their rear portions and biased apart at their fronts by stiff coil springs. Rear stop surfaces limit the opening movement of the members. Vertically projecting tabs at the front and side of each member are ...

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An intervertebral disc endoprothesis comprises two symmetrical, concave end plates with an intermediate convex spacing piece. The end plates and the spacing piece have a plane guide rim. The end plates either have an edge shoulder or an annular groove for a toroid provided on the spacing piece. Alte ...

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An electrode assembly for polarographic assay of glucose in solution having a laminated membrane, the outer membrane being from 1 to 20 .mu.m thick and having a pore size of 10 to 125 .ANG., the inner membrane having a thickness of 2 to 4 .mu.m, and bonded to the outer membrane with immobilized gluc ...

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An electronic system for playing a card game of poker is disclosed which permits interactive wagering among a plurality of players. The system incorporates a central processing unit and a plurality of individual player consoles, each having a display device and an input device. The display shows eac ...

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The present invention provides a system of instruments for shaping the distal femur and proximal tibia surfaces to receive components of a knee prosthesis for knee replacement surgery. The system references the femur intramedullary channel with a femoral alignment guide to prepare the distal femur t ...

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An improved prosthetic heart valve comprises a support body or stent covered by a layer of biological tissue having only the smooth surfaces thereof presented outwardly. The stent has a cutaway section and a flexible cusp sewn thereto for opening and closing the valve. The valve cusp is made of peri ...

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An implantable measuring instrument for a body substance for use in controlling an implantable infusion device has a housing with a recess covered by a semi-permeable membrane which permits transfer of molecules of a selected size therethrough. The volume defined by the recess and the membrane is in ...

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Various embodiments of an improved reconstitution device 30, 168, 170, 186, 242, 256, 274 are disclosed, directed to the proper mixing of two substances, and are particularly directed to the medical field for the reconstitution of a drug 36 which may be stored in a drug vial 32 with a diluent 60 sto ...

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A cloned subtilisin gene has been modified at specific sites to cause amino acid substitutions at certain spots in the enzyme. The modified enzyme, preferably produced by Bacillus, is useful in combination with detergents.

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A portable laser diode scanning head, aimable at each symbol to be read, emits and receives non-readily-visible laser light, and is equipped with a trigger-actuated aiming light arrangement for visually locating and tracking each symbol. A compact laser diode optical train and an optical folded path ...