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A MOS field effect transistor comprising a semiconductor substrate (1) and an epitaxial growth layer (2) provided on the substrate, the impurity concentration of the epitaxial growth layer being lower than that of the substrate, and the thickness of the epitaxial growth layer being the same as or le ...

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Drug delivery compositions yield new and unexpected degrees of stabilization, solubilization and delivery of incorporated medicaments, drugs, or other physiologically-active compounds. The compositions enable administration of drugs and other medically useful compounds via a variety of routes. More ...

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A balloon for use in medical procedures such as in dilatation catheter in which the balloon is formed from a tubular thin wall parison of orientable semicrystalline polymer (polyethylene terephthalate being preferred) which is stretched very close to the elastic limit of the material and is then hea ...

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Balloon dilatation catheter (11) adapted to be utilized in connection with a guiding catheter and a guide wire. The catheter comprises a flexible elongate tubular member (12) having proximal (13) and distal (14) extremities and having a lumen extending therethrough. An inflatable balloon (21) is mou ...

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A shelf-stable aqueous concentrate herbicidal formulation containing glyphosate, ammonium sulfate and a quaternary ammonium salt.

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A chimeric antibody with human constant region and murine variable region, having specificity to a 35 kDA polypeptide (Bp35(CD20)) expressed on the surface of human B cells, methods of production, and uses.

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A system for withdrawing a predetermined volume of fluid from a patient comprises a filter assembly which is connected in line for fluid communication between an artery and a vein of the patient. A pump having a fluid chamber is connected in fluid communication with a filtrate port of the filter. Op ...

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A wound dressing (10) comprises a metallic foil (11) retained by a bandage (12). The bandage (12) may be surface coated with a bio-compatible adhesive (13) for adhering to the foil (11) and to a patient's skin or may be elasticated (Fig 2). Foil (11) is heat reflective and moisture impervious.

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The compounds correspond to the general formula in which -W denotes a residue of an amino acid chosen from valine, lysine, norleucine and methionine, and -Z denotes an amino or alkylamino radical in which the alkyl part, which contains 1 or 2 carbon atoms, is substituted by a phenyl or trifluorophen ...

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A steerable guidewire has an elongate main wire (10) having a tapered distal portion (12A) and a helical coil (16) mounted about the distal portion. The distal end (12) of the coil extends beyond the distal tip (14) of the tapered distal portion of the main wire. An inner helical coil (22) is dispos ...