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A stapler having a spine structure between a staple carrying head assembly and a manually operable actuator assembly that can be made either flexible or rigid as desired during use of the stapler.

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An injection set for delivering a fluid to a subcutaneous injection location in a patient is disclosed which has a soft cannula projecting from a bottom surface of a holding pad. An insertion needle is initially inserted through a septum located between a catheter hub and a retaining cap mounted on ...

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An improved balloon-tipped catheter includes means for convectively heating the inflation medium within the balloon during dilation. In the preferred embodiment, the convective heat is provided by a radiant heating block which is attached to a laser light source through an optical waveguide extendin ...

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A golf club head is provided with sockets generally opposite the club face. The sockets receive removable and interchangeable weights fabricated from materials of varying density. Weighting changes can easily be effected by removing an existing set of weights and replacing them with a set made of gr ...

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A security and control system for use in a home or building which utilizes a coded audio link between the entry detectors/transmitters and the relay modules, and a digital pulse coded power line communication ("PLC") link between the relay modules and the system controller as well as between the sys ...

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An orthodontic anchor appliance for repositioning anterior teeth of a dental patient includes a relatively hard splint portion for securement to preselected ones of the patient's posterior teeth positioned on opposite sides of the dental arch containing the anterior teeth desired to be repositioned ...

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Method and apparatus is disclosed for selectively disallowing and allowing the extension of a call originated by a calling customer through a toll telecommunications network when the billing number involved with the call has a predetermined billing status such as delinquent payment. The toll network ...

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A system for protecting exposed portions of an electric cable mounted in an electrical connector from detrimental components, such as liquids and gases, by inserting a movable sealing material into a cavity in the electrical connector and displacing the movable sealing material during the insertion ...

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A closure for a container which includes a cap comprising an end panel wall, and a cylindrical skirt wall extending from the peripheral edge of the end panel wall. A container opening sealing member is located inside the cap on the inside of the cylindrical skirt wall and adjacent the end panel wall ...

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An electronic funds transfer system (EFT) is described in which retail terminals located in stores are connected through a public switched telecommunication system to card issuing agencies data processing centers. Users of the system are issued with intelligent secure bank cards, which include a mic ...