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In information retrieval system includes a help feature, wherein a help key on a terminal can be actuated and a host computer responds by determining the identity of a page of basic information being transmitted at the time the help key is operated, determining the location of a page of subsidiary i ...

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A vehicle control and/or access control and/or anti-theft system for motor vehicles including data entry apparatus designed to enter a predetermined signal, a decoder for processing the signal, apparatus to recognize which one of a plurality of valid signals was entered, and apparatus to control veh ...

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A biomaterial implant into which is incorporated a sustained release polymer containing an anticalcium agent.

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A steerable medical probe device, such as a catheter, comprises a flexible, inner tubular body, a plurality of electrical conductors wrapped about the inner tubular body; and an insulating layer surrounding the conductors. Rigid non-conductive rings are adhesively secured at axially spaced locations ...

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A field effect transistor, a bipolar transistor, a PIN diode, a Schottky rectifier or other high voltage semiconductor device comprise a semiconductor body having a depletion layer formed throughout a portion in at least a high voltage mode of operation of the device, such as, by reverse biasing a r ...

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A fault tolerant computing facility is disclosed. The facility includes a housing array for containing a plurality of hardware element modules such as disk drives, a plurality of modularized power supplies and plural power distribution modules, each being connected to a separate source of primary fa ...

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An elongated catheter for pumping blood through at least a portion of a being's vascular system. The catheter is of sufficiently small diameter and flexiblility to enable it to be passed through the vascular system so that the distal end portion of the catheter is located within or adjacent the bein ...

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A method and apparatus are described for the electronic delivery of a document, originated at a local site by a source which has a printer output that normally is connected to a printer, to one or more remote locations having printers or display devices which may differ from the printer normally con ...

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A method for separating plasma from red blood cells and a device utilizing the method in which a low-pressure filter is interposed in a pathway between an inlet port and a reaction area. The sole driving force for the movement of plasma from the filter to the reaction area is capillary force provide ...

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A coin pay-out apparatus in which a rotary disc is rotated by a motor to effect a coin pay-out. The motor is controlled by a plurality of binary input signals. Only when a combination of the plurality of input signals is found to be a predetermined combination including the binary input signals, is ...