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The two-part surgical fastener is composed of an annular stapling part having projecting prongs and annular retaining board having an annular gap which receives the prongs. Barbs on the prongs serve to abut against a retaining ring on the retaining part to maintain a fixed relationship between the p ...

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A method and apparatus are provided to fund a certain future liability of uncertain value and thereby defease fully its future cost. The method is an insurance investment plan which can be implemented using a floating rate zero coupon note obligation the interest rate on which varies automatically w ...

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Disclosed is a connector for introducing medication into a patient in a safe, convenient way. It comprises a pair of plastic tubular members adapted to be manually pushed together to engage in a male-female relationship, and a locking mechanism that detachably secures the members together. The male ...

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An olefin polymerization catalyst comprising the reaction product of a metallocene complex of Group IVB, VB, VIb, and VIII of the Periodic Table and an excess of alumoxane.

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A method of using a card which has a substrate with at least one magnetic track thereon, the method involving dividing the track into a plurality of spaced blocks with a start sentinel being magnetically recorded at the start of each block. A user's critical data is recorded in at least some of the ...

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An apparatus and method for forming an integral three-dimensional object from laminations of the same or gradually varying shape. The apparatus includes a supply station, a work station for forming a material into a plurality of laminations for the three-dimensional object, a control station for dir ...

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An autoregulating electrically shielded heater employs a structure of two magnetically permeable members of different Curie temperatures and preferably differing resistivities. The two members are in electrical contact with one another; having at their interface a very low resistivity layer or membe ...

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A method is disclosed of using a subscriber location indicating system and a telephone switch to provide location dependent person locator telephone service for called subscribers. In accordance with the service, a called party may provide that a call directed to a personal number unique to the call ...

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An improved method of forming three-dimensional objects comprises irradiating an uncured photopolymer by transmitting an effective amount of photopolymer solidifying radiation through a radiation transmittent material which is in contact with the uncured photopolymer. The transmittent material is a ...

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In order to edit commercial messages from an off-the-air video recording of a television signal, method and apparatus are disclosed for automatically operating a video tape recorder (VTR) so that it alternates between a normal forward record mode, and a rewind or backscan mode in response to the det ...