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A method and apparatus is disclosed for the genetic transformation of plants and plant lines by pollen mediated transformation. Foreign genes are introduced into pollen by coating on carrier particles which are physically accelerated into plant pollen. The treated plant pollen is then hand pollinate ...

Heller Michael J: Method for increasing the sensitivity of nucleic acid hybridization assays.. Molecular Biosystems, June 8, 1988: EP0269764-A1 (123 worldwide citation)

An improvement in the sensitivity of hybridization assays for detecting polynucleotide target sequences is provided by selective dehybridization of the bound portion of the probe, separation of the dehybridized portion from the support and the residual sample, and concentrating the separated probe b ...

Goh David: Coin dispensers. Entersword, June 8, 1988: GB2198274-A (107 worldwide citation)

A coin dispenser has a coin transport device, such as a coin transport disc (5), for carrying mixed coins in single file from a batch of coins in a hopper (1) past a sensor (23) of a coin discriminator and then past a coin selection station at which coins can be diverted back into the batch by an ej ...

Schenk Werner: Construction kit for a goods display box.. Schenk Werner, June 8, 1988: EP0270016-A2 (85 worldwide citation)

The construction kit for a goods display box (15.1, 15.2, 15.3) comprises a scannable label rail (13) with a rail groove (20), compartment partition parts (14) having a foot (32) in each case, front panels (17), which can be fitted onto the front edges (16) of the compartment partition parts, and an ...

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Disclosed are pyrimidine derivatives represented by general formula (I) wherein X represents a hydrogen atom, a halogen atom, an alkyl group, an alkoxy group, a haloalkyl group or a cyano group; Y represents an alkyl group, a cyanoalkyl group, an alkoxy group, an alkenyl group substituted with a hyd ...

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Verbindungen der Formel I worin R Halogen, Hydroxy, Cyano, Nitro, (subst.) Alkyl, (subst.) Alkoxy, (Halogen)alkylthio, Carboxy, Alkoxycarbonyl; (Halogen)Alkylsulf(inyl)(onyl) oder -(onyloxy); (Halogen)phenyl, (Halogen)phenoxy; X in 3 oder 5-Position einen (Thio)carbonsäure - oder davon abgeleiteten ...

Mckie James Edward Jr, Potts Russell Owen: Topical compositions comprising 1-substituted imidazoles and nsaids for treatment of acne.. Pfizer, June 8, 1988: EP0270316-A2 (54 worldwide citation)

Topical acne compositions comprising from 1-10% w/w of a lipophilic 1-substituted imidazole antimicrobial agent and from 1-25% w/w of a non-steroidal antiinflammatory agent.

Webb Robert R Ii, Bronson Joanne J, Martin John C: Antiviral phosphonomethoxyalkylene purine and pyrimidine derivatives.. Bristol Myers Co, June 8, 1988: EP0269947-A1 (52 worldwide citation)

A series of compounds of Formula I are described which are useful in treating viral infections, their compositions and use. In Formula I B is a purine or pyrimidine base; alk1, alk2 and alk3 are cheical bonds or alkylene groups; Q is hydrogen or hydroxyl; and R1-R4 are hydrogen or alkyl.

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A pharmaceutical composition for treating a disease caused by virus comprising (A) an antiviral agent lacking inhibitory activity (1) against a cell-to-cell infection through cell fusion from a virus infected cell to an uninfected cell and/or (2) against adsorption of a virus to a target cell, and ( ...

Umbeck Paul F: Genetic engineering of cotton plants and lines.. Agracetus, June 8, 1988: EP0270355-A2 (39 worldwide citation)

A method is disclosed to achieve genetic transformation of cotton plants and lines. Immature cotton tissues are genetically transformed in vitro, by Agrobacterium-mediated genetic transformation. The resultant cotton tissues are subjected to a selection agent or agents to screen for transformants. T ...